Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is the Tempe IKEA evil?

Do any of you have Google Analytics or a similar tracking program running on your blog, and if so, do you ever actually look at the information it collects? (Andrew and Nancy, I already know your answer to that question.) I rarely check out the stats for this blog, but this post by Ken Jennings, and this one by Miss Nemesis ("handcart" mormon frozen children utah stupid), inspired me to take a look at what kinds of crazy things people search for that lead them straight to My Adventures in Tucson. Some highlights from search term stats for the last few months:
  • "talk of the nation" & boring
  • 10 year old swimsuits
  • aw, fer cute
  • cute pink sparkly shoes
  • cute sparkly pink shoes
  • heckarooney
  • how i met your mother "welcome to the mall"
  • oct 14th alien transcript
  • pole dancing while pregnant (thanks for this one, Katie)
  • stay rich forever & ever, utah
  • wear my cousin's leotard
  • you look so young for your age annoying
  • come back to me is my request (this site is #1 on Google for this search term)
  • antique bathing suit
  • bat shaped sunglasses
  • politically correct term for eye boogers (politically correct?)
  • 60 ways to use salt (admit it - one of you forgot how to properly freshen your sponges)
  • automatic toilets at the tucson airport
  • black in sparkly dark pink jordans
  • costco blender guy
  • germy ball pits (????)
  • ikea "tempe" "evil"
If you do keep track of these things, take a look at your stats and share some of your crazy searches!


JackJen said...

Oh, I've had some doozies...here are a few:

-envelope glue poisoning
-favorite smell + thomas s. monson
-kidney stones jamba juice
-wide feet--can wear crocs?

and my personal favorite?

-is thomas monson a democrat?

Liz Johnson said...

It really disturbs me that somebody actually searched for "stay rich forever & ever, utah." I don't know why, but that one freaks me out.

Britney said...

Wait. You tell me to go to IKEA, and then your very next post is titled "Is the Tempe IKEA evil?"? So, now I wonder if IKEA is evil in general, or if it's just the Tempe store... :)

Those are some crazy searches. My favorite is the "aw, fer cute". What does that even mean??

Bridget said...

Well, Jen, is he?

Liz, maybe they meant rich in the non-material sense. :)

Britney, I think "fer cute" is a Utah thing. That's where I heard it, anyway (well, I heard it in Jordan but it was from a Utahn).

Echo from the Buttes said...

I'm sorry to hear you're being subjected to living in Tucson, but I thought this was an intriguing blog post.

I just started my blog a little over a month ago. We haven't had too many good keyword searches, but I did like: "asu bring on georgia chick fil a".

Good times!


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