Friday, September 05, 2008

The mighty sling

I love slings. I use the plural even though I only have one, because they are a great idea in principle and there are a lot of slings out there besides mine that I like better, but won't afford. The picture above is 3-week-old Miriam in the sling. I can say with very little exaggeration that Miriam spent the first three months of her life in the sling. It was just how she rolled, at least if we didn't want her screaming all the time.

Here she is at 6 months-ish, still hanging out.

Now Magdalena occupies the sling, though not as much as Miriam did. It's kind of a relief to be able to put the child down every once in a while.

I got to thinking the other day how many tasks I've managed to accomplish while wearing a kid in a sling. Some of the odder ones that came to mind include wearing the sling while:

- playing the piano as an accompanist at a baptism
- making bread
- making dinner (even though the instructions say not to cook while wearing the sling...)
- sleeping
- going to the bathroom
- lifting Miriam into the child's seat part of a shopping cart (can you hear my back hurting?)
- breastfeeding. But it's very, very tricky.
- watching an entire movie (Masterpiece Theatre's Dr. Zhivago), standing up and bouncing to keep baby asleep.

How about you?


Liz Johnson said...

Airplane rides! Although I had a stewardess tell me that Nathan couldn't ride in a sling during take-off, taxi, landing, and any time that the "fasten seatbelt" sign is on, as he would be too difficult to extract from the sling if I were dead or unconscious. Jigga what?! Yeah, I didn't comply. Sorry lady.

Aimee said...

I am a big fan of the "moby wrap." Jameson wasn't much of a sling baby, because he didn't like to be swaddled. As he has gotten older he appreciates it much more, and so do I! Cleaning and cooking are probably my biggest loves with the moby wrapped on me.

Fromagette said...

-Shopping, particularly at the farmers' market
-Sweeping the lobby of our apartment building
-Church, every Sunday until she was about a year old
-Some cooking, though I did try to avoid that
I actually prefered our Baby Bjorn for a lot of things, especially after she got older, because I didn't feel like I could use the sling hands free. Liz, I did comply with the airplane rule (though they certainly didn't mention the reason in such graphic terms), but then Anna was old enough to sit on our laps and quietly munch away on the SkyMall magazine during the flight.

Jen and Reed said...

Hey! You should check out my cousin Bethany's blog. She posts free give-aways frequently. One of the most recent one's is for baby slings...designer baby slings. They are so cute. This blog made me think of her blog and I had to recommend you. You can even fit Miriam into one...and she can choose one herself. Bethany's blog address is on my sidebar under Bethany and Zak. Check it out!

Thanks for being such an interesting blogger.


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