Monday, November 03, 2008

Does a 3-year-old really need a pressure washer?

I already knew that Miriam could navigate her own blog easily, scrolling down the page and clicking on individual photos to enlarge them and get a better look at her favorites. But I didn't know she was able to shop for tool rentals at our local Home Depot. Heck, I didn't even know she was interested in renting some tools. I was in the other room with Magdalena this morning and when I walked into the den, Miriam was sitting at the computer, reading up on a 6.5 HP pressure washer:

Other webpages of interest she had up included the latest news on Medicaid: well as an email from Jeremy's cousin with pictures of their new baby. In this case, she had navigated to my Gmail (which might have already been open), clicked on this message, and then scrolled down to see the pictures.

Besides Gmail, none of these websites are bookmarked or otherwise easily accessible. I have no idea how she got to them, and unfortunately, I didn't think of clicking the "Back" button to find out.

At least I'll know who to blame if a 6.5 pressure washer gets delivered to our house, ready to be rented.


Robinsonfamily said...

Always be prepared. I think that it is great that she is reading up on power washers and medicaid just in case she needs them in the future. It never ceases to amaze me how fast little kids learn stuff.

Shannan said...

that made me giggle.

I'm sure you are much more computer savvy than I am, but I just worry about my kids on the Internet. So much worry, in fact, that I don't let them on the Internet. I don't trust filters. Of course, I'm not good at setting them or figuring out which ones are safe, so I just don't let them on it.

Your Miriam could probably teach my boys, ages 8 and 5, a thing or two.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

When you were little we had that clunky old HP computer that did weird stuff. I distinctly recall that when you were in first or second grade, I would wait for you to come home to fix it for me, and you were always successful. So computer wizardness runs in your family.

Shannan--it's important that you do find some filters that work for you because your children are reaching the age where they will be expected to know how to use the computer for school. It's also highly probable that their future employment will depend upon their competence with computers, even if they don't go into a technical field. Another necessity as they get older is to confer with parents of their friends to find out what limits they use on their computers. The last thing you want is to find out your children have been perusing harmful websites in the homes of less discriminating people.

Liz Johnson said...

Ooh I like pressure washers. I secretly dream of an entirely stainless steel house with a drain in the middle of every room that can be sealed off and pressure washed whenever I feel so inclined. Ahhhhhh. Miriam's onto something, I tell you.

Marianne said...

That cracks me up! Kids grow up SO fast. My mom says they come down with a micro-chip in their heads these days!

Lilianne and Jason Wright said...

Miriam is such an awesome girl!! I love how computer savvy she is already! Such a smart her mom and dad!

Susanne said...

That's so cute! :-) The other night I was sitting at my computer when one of my friends in New York started chatting with me. Except it was like

Cathy says:

Found out her 2 year old had somehow opened Messenger and started chatting with me.


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