Monday, November 10, 2008

Pony invasion

This morning, a friend of mine sent us home from her house with a box full of My Little Ponies that her eight-year-old daughter is done playing with. Miriam loves ponies, and before today, she was the proud owner of exactly one (1) My Little Pony. Her name was Snowflakes, and she was a special toy I bought at the Ben Franklin in Middlebury so Miriam could have something new to play with when Magdalena was born.

Today, we brought home the donated box of My Little Ponies and Miriam started to unload them and play with them while I took a shower. When I came back and turned the corner into the kitchen, this is what I saw:

Aye caramba! And those are just the ones with magnetic front legs. In all, I counted something like 20 ponies, with a few more baby My Little Ponies with plastic hair instead of "real" hair. It was pony mania in the kitchen. By my calculations, Miriam's pony stock shot up some 1900%, all in one day.

That's the funny thing about toys, isn't it? They just seem to multiply. It's not like we consciously sit down one day and decide that 19 ponies simply isn't enough anymore, and it's time to think about purchasing a 20th. It just comes on gradually, until one day you walk into your kitchen and there are two dozen ponies having a jamboree on the fridge door.

Needless to say, Miriam has been playing with the ponies all day long, including at church. After two hours in the church nursery, one of her teachers came up to me and said, "Miriam was talking about ponies a lot today."

I do not doubt it.


Liz Johnson said...

Those are the moments that I look around and think "Really? This is my life now? Huh."

I really love My Little Ponies, though. :)

Kristen said...

I suppose you were talking about the donor friend's contemplation of each new pony purchase ... because your pony extravaganza was simply thrust upon your household in one fell swoop.

MLP's were one of my favorite tosy as a child. Since when do they have magnetic feet, and what in the name of all that is holy is their purpose?

Lark said...

Aye Carumba! Honestly, I was cracking up - this post is so the life I live sometimes. HOw did we end up with so many ponies or trains or whatever? I'm not usually one to "stock up" on toys, but like you said, somehow we have ended up with TONS of certain toys ... who was the donor by the way? Anyone I might know ... I might have an idea ;)

by the way, try sticking those magnetic feet ponies to the corners of your walls.

Bridget said...

My Little Ponies were one of my favorites, too. We had one that was glow-in-the-dark and one whose flank symbol changed if you rubbed it.

The magnetic legs are a new thing. I guess there are certain toys that come with the ponies that have magical properties when you press the magnetic leg to them. Or something.

Lark, it was Gigi. :)


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