Wednesday, November 19, 2008

R.I.P. Flounder the Betta

Flounder the betta fish, beloved pet of Miriam and treasured 3rd birthday gift, was found dead in the shower on Monday morning. The cause of death was suicide by jumping out of his fish bowl. The cause of him doing that is unknown.

In happier times, Miriam and Flounder mostly spent time together while she fed him and helped clean his fish bowl. Miriam also liked to ask, "What is he saying?" in reply to which her parents just made up stuff.

Flounder's favorite activities included swimming in his IKEA flower vase/fish bowl and frolicking around his bamboo plant.

Flounder is survived by his loving family members Miriam and Jeremy, an indifferent Magdalena, and anti-Betta-purchase-in-the-first-place Bridget.

A video tribute:


Liz Johnson said...

No offense to Miriam, but she doesn't seem all that broken up about it. I'm starting to question her attachment.

So does this mean you're getting a puppy for Christmas? :)

Nancy Heiss said...

Poor Flounder. I wonder if he left a note...

Steve said...

The real question here is, "How did Flounder build the momentum to escape his bowl?" Also, why was his bowl next to the shower anyway?

Susanne said...

RIP Flounder. Love the picture and video tribute. :-)

Kristen said...

Haven't you taught that girl about Fishie Heaven yet? :)

Jeremy Palmer said...

Yeah, I don't think she fully grasps what happened.

Kristen, we just taught her that Fishie Heaven is his new home in the sky, by way of the toilet (actually, I think Jeremy just threw him away).

Steve, you can kind of see in the picture that we have a weird open (Roman) shower and we had the fish bowl next to that.

Chris Lewis said...

After reading this post, I looked up more info about Betta fish, and apparently they jump a lot. They say in the wild (that sounds funny for a betta fish since they don't really do anything) that the fish will leap from muddy puddle to muddy puddle. The woman writing about the fish said that they are very strong jumpers and will often jump out of tanks if they feel like they have moved to a new spot, or if they notice some other big change in their surroundings. She recommended covering the top of the jar/tank/bowl with a plate. I never knew that they could be so active.
There was a betta fish in the window of the service center at BYU named proxy and there were so many times I thought it was dead.

Anna said...

Beta fish always look dead to me. Also, I had a roommate who had a goldfish that kept jumping out of it's tank. Luckily, she was always nearby to put it back in or give it CPR or whatever. Anyway, she put a plate on top of the tank to keep the fish in. But the fish kept jumping and developed a really gross scab on its head from hitting the plate(note: this is all from my roommate. Do fishes really scab? Wouldn't the water just wash the blood off before it clotted? If I cut myself and kept the wound underwater, would it scab? Should I try this?)
Anyway, I think the fish lived many years.

Anna said...

Pretend I spelled Betta with two 't's.

Erika said...

too cute! sorry to hear about the fish!

Erin Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear that.

For the record, bettas really shouldn't be kept in bowls. (Well, they jump, for one thing.) But they're also tropical fish who really have the same needs as any other.

If you decide to get a new fish, you might find the following helpful. :)

This caresheet is a must-read- it covers everything and more. Every betta owner should read it. is another wealth of information, and the forums are very active. is a great source of more scientific information on bettas, and she also has a betta-specific blog with a lot of FAQs.

Again, I'm sorry for your loss, but I do hope you decide to get another betta. They really are wonderful (and underrated) fish.

(stumbled upon your blog by accident!)


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