Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Traveling essentials for a 3-year-old

The night before we left on our trip, I told Miriam to pack any toys she wanted to bring in her little backpack. After she went to sleep, I checked to see what she had packed. Here's what I found:

One crinkly-page book from the bouncy chair toy bar
  • Three big ponies
  • One little pony
  • One pony bed
  • One cow from the IKEA farm animal set
  • Two clothespin dolls
  • The remote control to a space heater we returned to Costco over a year ago (oops)

I cleaned out everything but the clothespin dolls and the ponies (and their bed). She played with them on the plane, but she hasn't touched them since we've been in Oregon. Who needs toys when there is an industrial-sized bin of Legos (lego bricks?) around?


Marianne said...

I love to see what's important to little kids.

JackJen said...

We asked Ian to pack his suitcase when we went to Utah in August. He packed pajamas, pillows from his bed, and every stuffed animal he could find.


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