Thursday, December 25, 2008

It finally happened

Today, for the first time, I had to call Poison Control.

Miriam came out of her room after "rest time" as soon as the clock said two. Ah, the joys of having a child old enough to read the time on a digital clock. She came up to me and I immediately smelled something sweet on her breath. I couldn't quite place it - I thought maybe she'd gotten into the extra refill packs of Pez I had stashed on a high shelf. Or perhaps there was a stray piece of candy on the floor or under her bed from whenever. It's the holidays; there's a lot of candy around.

I went into her room to investigate and almost-empty bottle of infant ibuprofen, cherry flavor.

"Did you drink this???" I asked her frantically.


"How much?"


Realizing that that line of questioning wasn't going to get me anywhere, I went ahead and called Poison Control. I knew that infant ibuprofen couldn't do her much harm, especially since it was a small bottle, but better safe than sorry, right? The Poison Control lady told me the same thing, that Miriam would have had to drink four bottles of the stuff to even start to cause damage. The only side effect from the amount Miriam drank was that she "might be a little drowsy," according to Poison Control.

After a lecture on the non-eating of medicines (and self-chastisement for leaving them where she could reach them, though how she got through the child-proof cap, I'll never know), we went running. "A little drowsy" turned out to mean "asleep in five minutes flat."

The true test of sleepiness is whether a child will stay asleep in the transfer from car/stroller to house. Miriam passed with flying colors.

Almost two hours later, she's up and awake like normal. I'm glad our first experience with Poison Control was not too scary. Has anyone else gone this long without having to call that number? Or, like some of you I know (Shannan), is it on your speed-dial?


Suzanne Bubnash said...

We had two kids about the same age as yours when we called PC the first time. It was a scary one though, because Daniel had bitten through a tube of airplane model glue that is labeled, "harmful or fatal if swallowed." It had been stored on the top shelf in the garage, about 8 feet up & somehow he climbed up there & grabbed it while Dad was working in the garage. Turns out he didn't get any in his mouth.

The second time we called PC was years later when Steven got into some of Daniel's med. They had us take him to the ER where he had to drink that charcol drink that neutralizes poisons. It all turned out fine, thankfully. I think we called for Teresa once too for drinking a little bit of Triaminic.

JackJen said...

Speed Dial.

NOT joking.

Speed dial #5.....

#1: Voice mail
#2: Joe
#3: My Mother
#4: Amy Buell
#5: Poison Control

All but one of my calls have been assuredly benign. The great turpentine incident of '07 was one of the scariest moments of my life.....but turned out to be a whole lot of nothin'. THANK GOODNESS.

Liz Johnson said...

I called once, because I wasn't sure just how "non-toxic" finger paints are. It's terrifying, though.

I am finding this post to be a strange endorsement for infant ibuprofen though. Five minutes?!

Kristen said...

Weird coincedence. My sister's family just had to take Jack (age 2) to the emergency room a couple of days ago because there was a possibility he had ingested some of my brother's medication. They were at my parents' house, and my mom was surprisingly blase about the whole thing at first, until she called PC and got the "can you get to the hospital in 15 minutes
?" They live out in the country and this was in the middle of "Winter Blast 2008." It took almost an hour to get to the hospital in the snow, and they had to roll down the windows and manhadle Jack to keep him awake on the drive because the fear is that the drug could stop his heart. They monitored Jack in the ER for about 8 hours, and it's still unknown whether or not he actually took any pill(s). Scary.

Nancy said...

Don't feel too bad. Moms are 100% allowed to forget where they leave medicines, especially of the baby variety.

My sister once left some baby tylenol in the diaper bag--she'd been carrying it around for a cranky, teething baby and forgot about it. Well, my nephew got that open and drank it all up. He wasn't even 1 yet, so apparently those child-proof caps aren't all that proofy.

I'm glad she's alright, though. And that she took such a wonderfully long nap!

Hareega said...

I saw a suicidal patient who had swallowed "many" pills from different bottles, she was unconscious and had a medication list of about 15 different medications, I called PC for help!

I'm glad your daughter is OK, merry Christmas!

Mikael said...

I am so glad that things didnt turn out bad. I would be SOOO scared! But looking at how it knocked her out too bad we can't give our kids a whole bottle of that stuff everyday, safely of course!
I am glad she is not harmed :)

Shannan said...

You will never believe it, but we had to call PC on Xmas day because of Chase choking on a piece of plastic. They were the ones who told us to call an ambulance and get to the ER. I'm dreading the bill.

The funniest thing I called PC about - my 2nd born ate a couple of handful of vaseline. I'm not kidding. Greased up the pooper if you know what I mean.


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