Tuesday, December 02, 2008

NaBloPoMo Roundup

Must...blog! Can't...miss...a day...

Just kidding. NaBloPoMo is over and I did it! A post a day, for 30 days. I ended up posting twice on two days, so my total NaBloPoMo post count is 32. I know a couple of you who were trying to go 30/30 fell one or two posts short, so feel free to consider those extra posts as having evened out the blogging universe.

Here's a quick rundown of the NaBloPoMo programming found here on My Adventures in Tucson:

We had two book reviews (The Hunger Games and Pushed) and two movie reviews (Twilight and Touching the Void).

My trip to Oregon yielded five posts, two of which dealt with weird childhood stuff, two about traveling, and one about Thanksgiving.

Five posts invited collective reminiscing, about food and gas prices (thereby exposing a shocking Cadbury Egg conspiracy), politics, elections through the years, candy preferences, and smell/taste/sound associations.

Sadly, there was only one nastygram during NaBloPoMo.

Aside from the posts already mentioned, the antics of Miriam and Magdalena were featured in no fewer than four posts. Miriam surfed the 'Net for pressure washers and inherited two dozen My Little Ponies, even as her beloved fish went to the big ocean in the sky. Both girls had fun keeping me up at night.

Then there was the time the Baby Name Wizard wrote about me writing about her. And then I wrote about her writing about me writing about her.

The mundane became anything but when I voted, misplaced a sock, failed to send back a misaddressed package in a timely manner, installed a garbage disposal, and suffered through spousal sickness for a month.

NaBloPoMo encompassed four Flashback Fridays. There was the time my sister left a stranger exposed on a toilet, some freaky semi-substantiated memories involving a gas station straight out of Gotham City, my brother the gambler, and a close encounter with a bear while camping.

Last but not least, there was one tag and one random post about Tupac.

I have to say, I really enjoyed NaBloPoMo. It tested my creativity and my ability to see past boring, everyday life and find some blogging gems. Some posts were more successful than others. The most commented (but not necessarily most viewed) entry for NaBloPoMo was this one about my status as an undecided voter. A close second was the one about all the weird stuff in my childhood home that I've always taken for granted. The least commented entry, garnering absolutely no comments at all, was my first NaBloPoMo post, about Touching the Void.

Well then, until next year. Thanks for making NaBloPoMo so much fun!


Robinsonfamily said...

I was a little in the dark about the whole everyday write a post thing. I am a little sad to find out about it actually. I could always count on your blog to be newly updated. It has actually been a highlight of my day to go on and look at what Bridget posted. I will miss you writing every day, but will look forward to when you put up your next post. Thanks for your NaBloPoMo. I for one have enjoyed it.

Britney said...

This roundup was a great read. It's interesting to see all the topics you covered in just one month's time.

It looks like I missed a gem of a post while I was on vacation, "Spencer, revisited". How cool that the Baby Name Wizard is reading and writing about your blog!

Britney said...

On the topic of blogs, here's a random blog question: What is your opinion on being public vs. private?

Susanne said...

I really enjoyed this last month's posts. I was wondering the other day if Miriam's pressure washer ever arrived. :-)

Thanks for sharing all that you do. I greatly enjoy reading what you have to say so don't be a stranger! :-D

Lisa Lou said...

Between you and Christopher (my brother), I always had something to look forward to during the 3 o'clock hour at work. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I mentioned to Anna that I felt like I knew you even though we've never met! Thanks for entertaining a fake friend!

Bridget said...

Britney, re public vs. private - It depends on your blog. Personally, I think most kid-centered blogs should be private. Miriam and Magdalena both have blogs but they're private. This blog, obviously, is public, and I think that suits it better.

I've made a similar distinction for blogs that I follow. If a blog is private or specifically kid/family-centered, I generally don't follow it even if I am a faithful reader. I try to just publicly follow blogs that can be of general interest to any random person, and that way, hopefully I don't direct random traffic to someone's blog about their children.

Lisa, there are a lot of people who read and comment here who I don't know, including Susanne who commented right before you. So welcome to the club!

Shannan said...

can you tell me what nablopomo stands for? My cousin did it too. How does one get invited to do this?

Bridget said...

Shannan, it's super easy because you just invite yourself. I explained briefly here. Basically, there's something called NaNoWriMo that stands for National Novel Writing Month, where you write a novel during the month of November. Some blogging nerds made National Blog Post Month, where you post every day.

Kristen said...

And thank YOU for getting me in on the gig. I really enjoyed it too. Not just writing my own daily posts, but reading yours as well. :)

Oh, and now I know why you stopped following Madelyn's blog. I was a bit offended for a while there, but now I can remove those extra needles in your voodoo likeness. Sorry about the HFMD and all, I guess it really worked!

By the way, I'm kidding about the voodoo doll. I did not cause Jeremy's HFMD I swear.


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