Thursday, January 29, 2009

The day the music died

A few weeks ago, I made a mix tape for a friend. Not really a mix tape, actually, since it was just one artist (The Beautiful South), and also not really a mix tape since it was a CD. As I gave it to her, I realized that my effort to share some of my favorite music with her was probably totally futile since she's a mom, and we moms don't have a lot of opportunities to sit around, chill, and listen to music just to see if we like it.

Never has this been more clear to me than recently. Just like I said I would, I've been gradually transferring our home video mini DV tapes to our computer and making DVDs out of the footage. The program I use (iMovie/iDVD, if you must know) (Death to Apple! And blast them for producing superior photo/video editing software so I am left with no choice but to use its products!) has the option to add music to the menus and I've had a lot of fun choosing songs from our music library that evoke the time period of the DVD footage. So the videos of our time living in American Fork are heavy on Guster and The Corrs, and the DVDs of Syria have a lot of Amr Diab, Grace Deeb, and Kazem as-Saher.

Then I got to the DVDs after Miriam was born, and I hit a brick wall of silence. For the first year and a half after her birth, I apparently didn't listen to very much music. I remember being vaguely aware of it at the time, but there wasn't much I could do about it. All of a sudden I had to have my mom ears on all the time to listen for her waking up from a nap, or getting into trouble, or she wanted to listen to "Open Shut Them" on repeat, or whatever. So when it came time to add music to those DVDs, I had to pay attention to the footage itself to see if there was any music on in the background to give me some clues as to any songs I may have listened to, at all. In the end, all I came up with was one Depeche Mode song that she and Jeremy were dancing to one night. Nice.

Then, suddenly, the music came back again, somewhere around January 2007. What happened then, you might ask? Simple: I got an iPod Shuffle (curse Apple for making a superior mp3 player with its seamlessly integrated iTunes software!).

Actually, Jeremy got an iPod Shuffle. But I commandeered it and started to listen to music while I went running. It took me a while to convince myself that this was OK - there seemed to be something inherently unsafe about running around with one of my senses disabled. And maybe there is, if it's Smashing Pumpkins turned up full blast. But the soundtrack from Pride & Prejudice played at a volume so low that I could still hear my kid chattering away in the jogging stroller? Not so much, surely.

Another thing that helped is that I decided to carry pepper spray when I went running.

I was, and am, so glad to have the music back in my life, and back on our home video DVDs. I'm still hopelessly behind the current music scene, and I think too many years have gone by for me to ever catch up, but I have an iTunes library full of favorites to keep me going.

Like The Beautiful South, for example, which I hope my friend gets to listen to sometime in the next couple of years.


Kristen said...

You've piqued my curiosity with your curses to Apple...what's with that?

I happen to like me some Smashing song in particular would certainly be on my DVD menu of Junior year in High School, were there footage to create one. (Let's fervently hope not.)

And I run with only one earbud in place, so I think that is perfectly safe.

shabba shabba said...

Though probably not quite as painful as childbirth, dealing with the non-musical silence of post-child-birth must be truly rough. A moment of silence, please... no, wait. Bad idea.

I do my best to keep the house rockin' at all times. Sometimes Shannon appreciates this more than others.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a Corrs album. I try not to advertise the fact, but not so much that I don't advertise it on other people's blogs. So, is the guy the drummer? Chick drummers are interesting.

I wholeheartedly concur that movies and photos with music backing are preferable to plain old viewing home videos or photo albums. And good for you for avoiding the cliche of using country as background music. Ugh. I'm getting dry heaves just thinking about it.

If you happen to actually like country music, then please believe that dry heaves are, for me, a sign of pure adulation.

Apologies for the ramble. I rarely get to indulge my deep like for talking music. Shannon politely listens and asks appropriate questions when I go off on the merits of this or that album or artist, but I know she's just thinking about chicken pot pies.

If you're looking for further wonderful music to fill your Arizonan home, look up Over the Rhine. I. Love. Their. Music. Soft and searching. Ohio is the best album I've listened to this decade. And I've listened to too many.

End comment.

Fromagette said...

"Sweet dreams 'til sunbeams find you..."

The only new music I've listened to in the last year was Collective Soul's album, new a year or so ago. Really liked that, though I don't listen to much beyond Sesame Street Country Jamboree (vintage, I grew up listening to it) and the classical station when I'm in the car.

The Ensign's said...

What??? No Tupac??

sarah said...

im actually making Heather some cds right now. Do you like John Mayer or Jack Johnson by chance? I would be happy to send you some of those cds to help keep you up to date :) but actually I dont have that much new music either.

Jeanerbee said...

Oh I so need to do that to our movies too! We have the adobe elements and it seems to take forever... maybe it's just our computer.... I hear ya with the music thing though! We listen to Enya, Raffi, and Whale sounds, lol!

Amanda said...

my younger sister was just asking me if i had heard a certain new song. i was explaining to her that i am now a loser and never leave the house. i don't even listen to the radio because the only time i am in the car is sundays and then i have church music going. anyhow, addison of course picked up the best part of that conversation and ran around the house for the next twenty minutes repeating, "mommy is a loser! mommy is a loser!" nice...

Bridget said...

I'm just not a Mac person, Kristen. I grew up in a PC household and it's hard to convert at this late age.

Joey, this is why you still need to have a blog. I think I will check out Over the Rhine if I get a chance.

Kristen said...

I am a PC person too, and I don't really understand what the difference is anyway. Besides macs being in pretty colors and overall looing a little bit "cooler." Your bitterness resonated with a deeper dislike for Apple in general, but I must have misread.

Bridget said...

OK, now that I'm not nursing a baby and typing with one hand, I'll tell you that I do harbor some bitterness for Apple. I've gotten over most of the inherent differences in their operating system, which I still think is retarded (but again, probably just because I grew up with a PC). Now my main damage is with their high prices and their uncanny knack for releasing new versions of their products with only a few small changes, and charging more for them, all mere months after the original was released. It just bugs me.

"But elementary school is where I ended up and IT'S TOO LATE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT." Sorry for the rant.

Kristen said...

Well, I am much more satisfied with your rant. It all makes more sense now. :)


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