Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obamicon Me

Yes, you can: Obamicon Me.

If anyone can figure out how to display images in a comment, please do so we can see your poster. Maybe img src="url"?

(Also, the site requires registration in order to save your image, but my registration email never came through so I just did Print Screen.)


JackJen said...


Stephen Colbert interviewed the artist of that picture on the Report last week, and it was HI-larious. The artist is fantastic.

And, really, the alliteration of Barack-Bridget is really pleasant-sounding...perhaps you should nudge out Joe Biden.

JackJen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Britney said...

I had fun trying out this website. I especially liked the color feature- the ability to change the ratio of red to blue to white.

Steven said...

Here's mine, i think it looks cool. I like how you can adjust how much blue/red/gray there is.

Bridget said...

Steven, yours is AWESOME! Though I think the caption on the left should be EVIL. Not HOPE.

Steven said...

Yeah. One of my friends suggested the caption "Big brother is watching you".


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