Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Here's one more "2008: Best Of" post, if you can handle it. I don't know what is so appealing to me about compartmentalizing things into lists and likes and didn't-likes. It's just so organized and is helping me file away 2008 into the past. So take a walk with me through 2008 on My Adventures in Tucson as we look at a few of my favorite blog moments.

In January, we opened Pandora's proverbial box of germs discussing parents dropping off their sick kids at the church's nursery every week.

In February, Jeremy and I cowered in fear before a PF Chang's server, and then inadvertently got that server fired. We also sent my brother a stuffed toy pig wearing bright red satin shoes and a pink fuzzy coat through the mail, enduring public humiliation in the process.

In March, I announced that I was pregnant, but not before the bulletin board in my church building broke the news by accident. I demonstrated solidarity with my Belgian blogging sisters and debated whether or not this is a girly blog during Wijvenweek.

April was a busy month. Miriam made her photo art debut, we said farewell to two beloved suitcases, and we started teaching English and basic American survival skills to an Iraqi refugee family. Also, we found out there was some dude at the BYU wearing Victoria's Secret lotion and not washing his hands after he used the bathroom.

In May, Royal Jordanian gave me back my $800. There was much rejoicing. There was also much rejoicing when I got my first author comment on a book review I wrote. Pandora's Box o'Germs was re-opened when there was a measles epidemic in Tucson. Also, my brother was an extra in Twilight and fans from all over the world descended on my blog to read all about it.

June found us in Middlebury, Vermont, ready to live in pseudo-Arabia for the summer. There was also the strange incident of the diarrhea box. Also, my fat tummy was too fat for Miriam.

In July, I was still pregnant and considering all the reasons why the labor of childbirth does not seem like such a horrible prospect after 8.5 months of pregnancy. In other events, I hacked my way through the tangled underbrush behind a local grocery store with my 2-year-old in tow.

August brought with it the birth of Magdalena Sonora. Then a lady on an airplane made me cry.

In September, I mourned the loss of our family's little exclusive club of three members, then got over it.

In October, I pondered whether one had to be cosmopolitan to appreciate an Eid stamp, bought a Woombie, and allowed my children to single-handedly ruin a baptism ceremony. The unthinkable happened when the dictionary reached the letter Z and so my job of editing it came to an end.

November was National Blog Post Month. I wrote 32 posts in 30 days. Here's a rundown of that month's programming.

In December, I felt like I was the only blogger left blogging on the planet, since traffic and comments slowed waaaaay down. Are you guys all coming back to life yet? Even though hardly anyone was reading, stuff was still happening. I was picking out my coffin and headstone, being a terrible mother, stepping on used condoms, and becoming a Presbyterian for Christmas Eve.

Welcome back to the blog world, and I hope 2009 is as interesting as 2008 was.


Susanne said...

Thank you for the year in review. I have greatly enjoyed "meeting" your family this year. I appreciate all you are willing to share with your legions of adoring fans. :-)

Laura said...

Thanks for the run down of the year. I didn't start following your blog until recently. So it was nice to be able to read of your highlight throughout the year. I really enjoyed the post about the guy using lotion and not washing his hands. Gross and kind of funny at the same time.

Liz Johnson said...

I'm back. And I loved your 2008!! I vote for an equal or better 2009!

Lilianne said...

I think my favorite story is the one where you hacked your way through the forest in Vermont - whilst you were 8.5 months pregnant and trying to wrestle a toddler...and on top of that, having an audience! Oh-so-funny! Loved it. Thanks for a year of pure entertainment. I'm looking forward to a great 2009!!

Britney said...

What a fun look back at '08. Over the holidays, while taking a break from blogging :), I learned that my mom sometimes checks out your blog, too! She said she loves how you're always posting about something interesting, and are so funny and clever about it.

You're providing a great read to more people than you think.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

My favorite is about Old Yella--I miss my suitcase . . . .

Kristen said...

Mem'ries. Misty watercolored Meeeeemories! I've been with you reading and blogging all along, sista.

Nancy said...

Busy year!

And I think I'm just about back. Almost.


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