Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flashback Friday: Photo Shoot

For today's Flashback Friday, I went straight to my cache of photos of awkward teenage moments. I really don't have that many of them (photos, that is - I had plenty of moments), but there are a few goldens in there. Today, I bring you pictures of my friends and I taking pictures of each other, for no other reason than that it was fun.

In this age of digital cameras, I don't know if such an activity exists anymore. Back in the day, however, it was considered a fun thing to do to just get together with friends and take pictures. There was all the excitement of fooling around with your buddies, the care taken in posing for the shot, and the anticipation while you waited for the photos to be developed. You can see how this might not work with a digital camera - you can have fun with friends, sure, but when you can take a dozen practice shots and delete them all before the real one, and then download the results instantly on your computer, the "specialness" of the activity is kind of diminished.

This was in early 1997, though, when I was 15. Digital cameras may have existed back then, but they hadn't filtered down to everyday teenage usage yet. So it was that with a regular film camera, some friends and I got together for a fun-filled evening of...taking photographs.

See what I mean about having fun with the poses?

Ooh, artistic.

Aww, how sweet.

Where is that shirt?!? It was pretty much my favorite shirt ever (or the one just like it with blue sleeves) and I have no idea where it is now. Although maybe that's a good thing because I would probably wear it every day if I had it.

OK, this one is actually from Halloween when I was 15. I think I hadn't gone trick-or-treating for a couple of years, then I went that year, and maybe once more before I graduated from high school. I haven't really taken the time to form an opinion on the subject, but I think I'm OK with teenagers trick-or-treating as long as they actually dress up as something. Did my friends and I pass that test? Let's see, we've got, um, a girl in pajamas, a girl with white face paint, a princess, a...nurse? I'm something like a 60s girl, then there's army girl, and ski girl. Not too shabby!

I would give candy to us. Would you?


Liz Johnson said...

Heck yeah. You were such an innocent looking 15 year-old!!! I love these old photos!

Britney said...

Great photos! These pictures are especially fun for me to see, because I remember most of the people in them.

I agree with you on that shirt. I had one somewhat like it at about age 15, and miss it desperately. :)

Kristen said...

Probably no one will enjoy these photos as much as I. I remember these photo shoots distinctly, and your analysis of the excitement that no longer exists when you don't have to wait a couple of weeks to see your pictures.

I will proudly admit that most of those were taken in MY bedroom, which you can see had a smiley-face bead curtain, a poster for the cartoon movie Balto, and a cage for my Ferret, Zippy.

This must have been a good year for me: I think I look better in these pictures than I do now!

As for teenage trick or treating, here are the stipulations which make it okay:

1) a costume which involved some forethought and effort.
2) viewing the evening as a wholesome activity to do with friends, not merely a ploy to score gobs of candy
3) good manners at the doorstep

Thanks for sharing this blast from the past!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you considered me in costume. I was thinking I looked lame for just bundling up. :)

Lilianne said...

NICE! We totally did this too. We're so awesome!

Love your new layout, by the way! So chic!

The Georges said...

First, I didn't comment on the job-thing (is there a hyphen?) last week... that is awesome!!! Can I make one request, that if you pass through this way before you go please stop to see me?!? Also, will your house be open to visitors? I might be more likely to visit you in NY than AZ.
OK, so, flashback Friday. I am glad I have grown up and look, at least, a little better than in HS. Thank heavens for braces. And, thank heavens for braces coming off!

Bridget said...

Julee, you better thank your lucky stars I didn't post that one photo from this same know the one I'm talking about.

(Before anyone gets any weird ideas, it's just a picture that makes Julee look like Gollum.)

Kristen said...

Aw, you should've let people get their wild ideas.


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