Friday, February 13, 2009

This is why we can't have nice things.

You can still de-lurk yourself as part of De-Lurk Day here.

A couple of months ago, I got Miriam a set of small plastic models of glow-in-the-dark planets to hang from her ceiling. I had planets hanging from my ceiling when I was a kid, and I have nothing but good memories about it. Mine were made by hand as a kind of craft project, which I remember vividly, but I was older than Miriam at the time. I decided that for now, the pre-made plastic planets would do very nicely.

I brought home the kit, which included nine planets (it was manufactured prior to the abolition of Pluto as a planet, apparently, or else they just felt sorry for it, as I do), special clear string, and sticky tack to attach the planets to the ceiling.

I must have opened the package, meaning to put it up right then, and then got distracted, because when I went back to do it an hour or two later, the package was empty and the planets were nowhere to be found. Or rather, they were to be found - one under the couch, a few in the corner of the living room, one on the kitchen counter, etc. I guess Miriam was really excited to get started all by herself. At least the string and sticky tack were undisturbed, right?

Over the course of the afternoon, Miriam I managed to track down all the planets. When I finally had them all together, I went to gather the string and sticky tack. They were gone.

Days went by. I found the sticky tack, which Miriam tried to commandeer, and she did end up getting a chunk of it, but I confiscated the rest.

Months have passed, and I have yet to find the string. The planets are sitting in the back of a drawer in the kitchen. I put the sticky tack somewhere safe, I think. Maybe someday those planets will end up on Miriam's ceiling, but it's not looking too good.

Today, Miriam got two little wind-up fish to play with in the bath, as a little gift from Grandma. She played with them all afternoon, waiting impatiently for evening to come so she could take them in the bath in all their wind-up swimming glory. She was so excited about it.

After a few hours, one of them broke.

When bath time finally came, we couldn't find the other, non-broken one.

This is why we can't have nice things.


Liz Johnson said...

Nice things are overrated. Did you ever have stuff that was so nice that you couldn't go near it as a child? And it still sits, dusty, on your parents' mantel? I do. What a waste of potential fun!!

Kristen said...

Remember Sister Densley's kids' rooms? They were like magazine sets with toys no child would ever be allowed to play with. Liz made me think of that.

Anyway, they have this really amazing, special clear string at hardware or outdoor stores. It's called fishing line, and I bet it would do the trick for hanging up your planets. :P


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