Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Woombie review: six months on

According to my blog traffic reports, my post reviewing the Woombie has eclipsed the one about having my tonsils removed for random stranger search hits (the one about my brother the Twilight extra is still insanely popular, but that's a whole other story).

In order to give the masses more of what they want, here is a follow-up to my previous Woombie review.

Magdalena has been using the Woombie for about four months now. When we started her in it, at about two months old, I was only using it for occasional naps since it didn't swaddle tightly enough for use at bedtime.

When she was almost four months, she was basically done with the traditional swaddle. She could get out of it in a cinch, and then she would fuss until I wrapped her up again. Enter the Woombie.

It was perfect. She was nice and contained, but could have her arms wherever she wanted them within the Woombie. She couldn't get out of it at night. It was so dang easy to put on. We were all happy campers.

Now Magdalena is six months old and she is still sleeping in the Woombie. It's a bit tattered and stretched out, but it does the job well enough. I think that at this point, she would probably be a better fit in the bigger size Woombie - or at least the longer version - but I think we'll just have her wear this one until she's out of it for good.

To recap: I love the Woombie even more now than I did when we first bought it. Magdalena sleeps in it for every nap and every bedtime (in the crib). The only downside is that the Woombie is wearing out - the elastic around the neck is kind of stretched out and the velcro is worn out, too. I think the newer Woombies have a snap instead of velcro, so that solves that problem. I hope the manufacturers eventually find a more durable elastic, too.

Here's the Woombie website. It's still somewhat of an abomination, but it's worth the eye strain to order one.


Kristen said...

This item is at the top of my mental list of things I want to be sure and acquire for the next baby.

Liz Johnson said...

I'm definitely looking into this for my next kid... assuming that day ever comes. :)

And their website has definitely improved.

Laura said...

I had no idea there was such a thing. Anything that helps a baby sleep better is so tempting. I think that we will get one for the next child that we have.

Mikael said...

Did you see my testimonial on that website? HAHA! I sent her a pic with my praises on how much I loved it. When I put my twins in them I went from no sleep to a good 7 hrs a night. And the twins went from waking up every 3 hrs to sleeping 10-11 hrs a night! now that is awesome!!!
They are now over 7 months old. Conner hates it, he wants to be free. But asher is still in it. He LOVES it! I wonder if I will have to have one special made for a 1 or 2 yr old when he gets older :) Hopefully someday we can train him to sleep without it!

Anonymous said...

I just placed a order for 2 woombies and they are on back order I definitely give the woombie a try I have 2 other little children and I never got the swaddling down (so I never got sleep) I am hoping this will help.

Jennifer said...

Have you checked our recently? They have seriously improved their website. I'm planning to buy one for #2...

Jennifer said...

I've been meaning to get back to this post for 3 months now. We got a Woombie for Rachel at 2 months and it has been awesome. She was always getting out of her swaddle in the middle of the night and I was so tired of it! I actually wanted to buy one at birth, but Jeff objected. Once the swaddle wasn't working, he thought it was a great idea. We both LOVE it--I love never wondering, "Did she get out of her swaddle?" when it is taking her a few extra minutes to fall asleep.

The only downside I see is that we only have one! When there is a diaper leak or something, it is hard to get it washed and dried before it is time for her to sleep again!

I do have a question for you: how did you get Magdalena to sleep without it? Whenever I don't get it washed in time for her next nap, Rachel doesn't sleep well at all (because I try to swaddle her and she gets out of that fast). I heard about a mom still using a Woombie at 15 months--I do not want to be that mom!

Bridget said...

(I'll reply to you here so the advice is available for general consumption.)

One of the downsides of the Woombie for us was that the elastic at the top of it wore out after so many wearings/washings. So eventually, she could wiggle an arm out of it. However, this ended up not being a bad thing because that's how she got weaned from it. It wore out gradually, and she got more comfortable being half out of it gradually.

I think the newer ones have a snap closure at the top that might help the elastic keep its shape better. So maybe think about leaving that unsnapped so she can start to learn to not be so tucked in. Good luck!

Rachel said...

I absolutely love the woombie. My son slept so well with it. All I had to do was zip him up, lay him down, and he'd fall asleep on his own. I had 2 in every size, until the largest size (because I kept telling myself I really would wean my son of the woombie soon).

Well, much to my embarrassment at 13 months of age he was still needing the woombie and could absolutely not sleep without it. I finally just sucked it up and started putting him to sleep without it. He had been getting his arms out for quite some time, and so, just like you said, it made the transition easier. I'd love to wean my next child earlier, but I'm so addicted!


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