Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Close call

Back in July when Jeremy and I were narrowing down the possibilities for a name for Sasha 2.0, I got to thinking about celebrities and the names they give their babies. Specifically, I realized that with procreation being so popular among famous people these days, there was more and more of a chance that Jeremy and I would accidentally give our baby the same name as a celebrity baby. After the birth of the celebrity baby, such an accident is easy enough to avoid - you just run the name through Google and make sure it doesn't come up with any famous last names attached.

But what if we named our baby what we wanted to, only to have some celebrity couple name their baby the same thing a few months later? I confess that, as a name nazi, this would have distressed me. It would have been like naming a baby girl Ariel in the summer of 1989 - a few years down the road, everyone would assume you named her after The Little Mermaid, and the distinction of having had your baby before that movie opened would be lost.

Anyway, today I was at the grocery store and noticed that one of the magazines at the checkout stand had a picture of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's new baby girl on it. Her name is Seraphina. I couldn't believe it.

Seraphina made the short list of names for Sasha 2.0 for a while there at the end of my pregnancy. I guess it's a good thing we went with a different name or I would have ended up right in the middle of my worst naming nightmare. Phew! That was close.


JackJen said...

To this day, Joe and I have ONE female name that we both agree on and both...dare I say it...love. Annnnnnd....a couple of years ago, procreating celebrities hijacked it.

We TOTALLY thought of it first, I promise.

And you know what? We're still going to use it. Because the thought of coming to an agreement on ANOTHER name might take an act of congress and a certified mediator.

Not. Worth. It.

Nancy said...

I have a friend named Jasmine that that happened to. She's forever telling people that she couldn't be named after Princess Jasmine since she was born well before 1992. How annoying.

Liz Johnson said...

I have a Mexican friend named Macarena. Yeah, life has sucked for her since high school.

I love that name though. At least you and Jennifer Garner (and Ben Affleck) have good taste. :)

Eevi said...

Seraphina is apparently also a name of pony from a Barbie movie. My niece was trying to pretend that my name i was Seraphina instead of Eevi.
Just like your friend Liz said, I thought Jennifer and Ben are pretty "cool" celebrities. At least, Britney Spears didn't choose "your name".

Britney said...

Seraphina is a beautiful, unusual name, but I can see why you're glad you opted for Magdalena.

Will you be entering the Baby Name Wizard's 2008 baby name pool? Do I even have to ask? :)

Bridget said...

Yes, I will be entering it, but I'm no good at predicting things like that. I haven't even come close to being right in previous years.

Macarena is TERRIBLE. That is sad for her.

Alli E. said...

I am so paranoid about baby names also. So paranoid, in fact, that I had Justin Google all the hurricane and tropical storm names for the next few years to make sure they weren't stealing the name I chose!!

Kat Clark said...

Ok so this post made me feel like a weiner because we are naming this baby Violet and Ben and Jen's first daughter is named Violet. However, I am not naming her after their daughter at all. Violet was my great grandmother's name and even when I was pregnant with Jack I always knew that if he had been a girl that would have been the name. So I am explaining/justifying my name choice to you because I hate it when people say, "Oh! Just like Jennifer Garner's baby?" Eh. Oh well.


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