Friday, March 13, 2009

It's curtains for me, curtains!

Now that we're going to sell our house, I'm fixing up all the little things that we've let slide in our years of living here. It's hard work, and not a lot of fun, but I was never under the illusion that cleaning out kitchen cabinets while holding a baby as a 3-year-old runs off with the pots and pans would be fun.

What is ridiculous about all this is that I am working hard to make our house look its best just as we are planning to leave it. Why, for example, didn't I re-arrange the den into a more organized workspace a few years ago, so we could have benefited from it for more than a few months?

And why did I put up with our hideous kitchen blinds for so long? When we moved in, there were no blinds over the front kitchen window. So we bought these bamboo-slat blinds for $5 at IKEA as a quick fix to keep the window covered while we found something more permanent.

More than three years later, the $5 blinds had become permanent. I was never lulled into thinking that they looked good, and I secretly hated them every time I looked at them, but apparently I needed the motivation of selling our house to actually do anything about them.

Here is before:

Notice that they're nailed up unattractively above the window, with the nails and hooks in full view. The cord is all bunched at the end because it's way too long. The blinds hang crookedly and wind up crookedly, too. You can see in through the slats if the light is right. Finally, bamboo just does not go with anything else in our house.

Enough was enough. I went to the fabric store yesterday afternoon and chose some cheap fabric to sew curtains. I finished it this morning, took down the bamboo monstrosity, and hung up the new curtains:

OK, OK, so it's not necessarily the most fabulous curtain change ever, but you have to admit that it's an improvement. And it only cost about $10, including the rod. That fabric was the best I could do while making a decision with two kids tagging along, and I think it matches well enough. A sewer extraordinaire, I am not. But I think my effort earns at least a "meh," don't you?


The Ensign's said...

This is soooo sad... I don't want you guys to move. I'm sure Jeremy could make just as much living in Tucson!!! hehe

Liz Johnson said...

I love the curtains! And I'm way impressed. I'm not at all looking forward to that part of home ownership... the whole maintaining it side. Plus I don't feel the overwhelming urge to make our apartment look cute, since hey, we're leaving soon. Ugh.

I found a book I thought you might like. :)

Fromagette said...

A friend of mine was just telling me about an author, Sarah Susanka, who has some great books about homes etc. I haven't read them myself, but I like the idea of a "not so big house". I can't wait to have a home of my own that I can do what I want with, but in all honesty, I will probably do the same thing and put things off until we are about to leave. Or after the kids left, like my parents did.

Nancy said...

That's funny. I just told Andrew that I was excited to "settle down" for his PhD program so that I might maybe have the motivation for some "home improvement" activities.

The whole time we've been married I've been like, "I want to do this but we'll be moving soon [usually trans-Atlantic, too] so why bother?"

I probably won't do anything once we have somewhere to live for a while, either. But you actually have done quite a bit. The sinks in the bathroom, the french doors, the garburator.*

You're like the home-improvement queen. Seriously.

And I can't sew, so there you go.

Basically I think you're awesome.

*Yes, too a word.

sarah said...

i think it looks good! i hear all the time here at my office of people fixing up their houses right before they move. sometimes they're spending thousands of dollars too!

Jill said...

Yes, that is the most ironic thing about selling your home. I'm pretty sure it happens to everyone. I know it did to us. At least now that we are renting again for a little bit I know ahead of time that I don't have to feel guilty about not doing any home improvements!!

Lilianne said...

"WHY you want to leave me??"
-Gus, My Big Fat Greek Wedding

So, so sad. Please don't go.

But I do like the curtains. Nice work, Bridget Extraordinaire!

Shannan said...

Would I be too bold if I gave a piece of unsolictied advice? Please don't take this as being too forward but if I were you, I would repaint the kitchen to a lighter, more neutral color. It will make it look bigger and brighter than a dark red. Okay, done meddling for the day and hope you will still be my blogfriend :)

EmmySue said...

Oye... reading this post made me tired. I am still stuck in Yuma for another two weeks, and am just thinking of the list of things to do... like curtains! At least you know where you are going... I envy you in that...

Bridget said...

Shannan, don't worry, we can still be blogfriends. You have way better home improvement skillz than I do so I can always respect your opinion.

Lindsay said...

When do you guys leave?


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