Thursday, March 05, 2009

There is ALWAYS something worse

What could possibly be worse than having to get up multiple times during the night with a baby who won't sleep?

I can think of two complicating factors.

First, maybe doing so on a night when you were so desperate to get a good block of unbroken sleep in that you went to bed at 8.30.

And second, taking a sleeping pill to make that block of sleep extra-deep.

Yes, I think either or both of those would definitely make the situation worse.

I would totally feel better about my terrible night of sleep now except that this wasn't a hypothetical exercise in counting my blessings. On Tuesday night, I DID go to bed at 8.30, and I DID take a sleeping pill (not Ambien).

And then I had to get up and take care of a baby multiple times while noting the futility of going to bed early and the foolishness of taking a sleeping pill.

Lesson learned, I suppose.


Liz Johnson said...

Awww... I would say that she's so cute that it makes it worth it, but when people say things like that to me, I want to punch them. So... I won't.

I'm sorry. :( May she start sleeping through the night soon!

Amanda said...

Good to see I wasn't the only one up at 6 this morning. I feel for you.

Nancy said...

That stinks! Totally.

I took NyQuil for the first time ever the last time I was a few weeks ago. Rachel woke up that night too...I hardly slept at all. It was completely pointless.

Hopefully things get better soon. I treasure sleep so much. Oh, so very much! I hope you get yours back!

sarah said...

that sucks! a very cute picture indeed though. sorry to hear about the sleep...and i thought i was tired!

Jeanerbee said...

So sorry Bridge! The other night I was up with Eli THREE TIMES, and once he was awake for almost 2 hours... this is not including the times I woke up to nurse Owen. Sometimes I wonder why I bother closing my eyes at all... I should just stay up and read or something, lol. I FEEL your pain!

Mikael said...

I have wanted to do the same thing so many times! I thought if I was just so OUT that maybe the crying and drama of the night would just work itself out and I would wake up at 8am in the morning thinking all went well!
Well, not true. Us moms have "mom ears" and we can't sleep through anything. And having my husband proves worthless. I have to wake up and hear the crying, then I get him up so he can help. While he is struggling with the kid I listen in and eventually end up doing it anyway. So in the end we were both awake for no reason.
I hope your sleep problems get resolved soon! ME TOO

Laura said...

I completely understand. Lillian is 10 months old and still doesn't sleep through the night. She slept amazingly up to 4 months old and that is when things turned for the worst. A combination of things really made it worse. We moved back east and were staying with Matt's mom for a couple of weeks waiting for our stuff to get here. Her house was so hot that we couldn't swaddle her at night (which is why I am going to try a woombie for the next baby). By the time we got settled in our own place she was so out of whack with sleeping. Plus she was getting stuffy noses at night because of the allergens in the air. So we bought a white noise CD to replace the fan so it wouldn't circulate the dust and allergens at night. She has been in bed with us since then because she would wake up every hour or two. Now six months later she was still waking up every hour. Recently we figured out that the white noise CD was training her to wake up every hour. The CD fades in and out every hour. We have now stopped using the CD and went back to a fan. Now the longest stretch that she sleeps is 3 hours, but most of the night is every 1-2 hours. We are now weening her back to her crib. It is slowly getting better, but I am so tired all of the time. So I understand how you feel.


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