Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twilight DVD release party

On Friday, when I was still in Idaho Falls, a perfect storm of sorts gathered just in time for me to go to a Twilight DVD release party with my sister-in-law. I was away from home with all its accompanying distractions, my in-laws were available to babysit the kids, and my sister-in-law said she would go to the party with me. All of these factors combined were more than enough to convince me to go take part in the mass hysteria.

There were several parties going on in Idaho Falls, and we chose to go to the nearest non-Wal*Mart location, which ended up being a place called Hastings. There weren't tons of people there, but there was a small crowd of mostly women and girls, plus the men accompanying them, plus the men there by themselves, hoping to pick up on the women.

We enjoyed the free sno-cones and managed to get in the background of a 10 o'clock news broadcast.

We took a picture with a store employee dressed up as Alice.

There was even a poorly proportioned poster cut-out so you could get your picture taken as Bella.

And there were a few contests going on, one of which I won. Yes, it's true: I won a prize at a Twilight DVD release party. The premise of the contest was that there were four apples hidden throughout the store. If you found one, you got a prize. Sarah and I searched high and low (along with everyone else in the store) and didn't find anything. Figuring it couldn't hurt, I asked an employee if she could give me any hints. She shrugged indifferently and suggested I look near the checkout stands. So I did. And I found an apple.

My prize was a movie poster. I left it behind in Idaho Falls, so if anyone there wants it, you are welcome to it.

I did not buy the DVD. In fact, I think Sarah and I left the party before midnight. I don't get enough sleep these days so I am kind of lame like that.

And that concludes my report of a lively evening at a Twilight DVD release party. It ended up being one of the more fun activities I've participated in recently, mostly because of the good company and light-hearted atmosphere at the party.

Discussion question: We all realize that Stephenie Meyer is basically living the ultimate dream, don't we? Think about it. Not only did she write a book, but she got it published. And then she got four more books published. And they are wildly popular. And they're being made into movies (well, not The Host, at least not yet). The pinnacle of all this achievement is probably that Stephenie Meyer's favorite band (Muse) lent one of their songs to the best-selling soundtrack of the successful movie based on the book that she wrote. Does it get any better than that?


Liz Johnson said...

I think the best part is that poster. Who were they kidding??

sarah said...

oh man, you should have put your picture with the cut-out poster. it was much better :) maybe janice will put up the movie poster at the house as decoration

Fromagette said...

Answer to discussion question: No it doesn't. Too bad I don't have any special talents that would launch me to fame and riches. Well, maybe not the fame. I'm not sure how my face would look on the front of the tabloids.

Brittany Cornett said...

Sometimes I wish I lived in a Mormon community just so I could go to things like that. The only DVD release party in Tucson that I knew about was at Hot Topics. Which I can imagine had many fun personalities there.

sarah said...

I read an article asking Stephenie Meyer about her success with the Twilight series and she was really happy about it but said she wasn't going to retire or stop writing just because she did so well with it. I think that is definitely living the dream. Doing something she loved, succeeding tremendously and still doing what she loves!


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