Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy day

You know, I wasn't sure that it was possible for IKEA to get any more awesome, but folks, it just did:

They are dang strict about their height rule at IKEA, and it took two employees crouching to be eye-level with the line to confirm that Miriam was tall enough. But in the end, she was, and it was the best hour of my life in recent memory when I sent her in there to play so I could roam IKEA with only one kid in tow instead of two. Ah, bliss.

Discussion question: Why is there a height rule, anyway? The potty-trained rule I can understand, but height? What kind of arbitrary restriction is that? It just punishes the little ones.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

Yeah, it doesn't seem fair that a 2-year-old-big-bruiser could get in but Meme couldn't. Until now. She's probably an asset to Smaland in that she behaves & can take care of herself & look out for others.

EmmySue said...

As long as height is a requirement I don't think my kids will ever be able to enter... We are all short. Glad you could enjoy IKEA on an all new level... Hmmm... maybe i'll go tomorrow.

Nancy said...

No kidding. My friend's 2-year-old is a monster of a kid. He's seriously gigantic. He just got some hand-me-downs from a different friend's 4-year-old. More than half of them were too small.

On the other hand, Rachel was daytime potty trained at like 15 months...and that's probably too young to have her in there (Smaland), even though she was (at that point) the most cooperative child in the church nursery.

So...anyway...I'm glad Miriam is tall enough, too! She also kind of got the bum-end of the deal considering the height of her parents (no offense). :)

JackJen said...

Ian is also short...And still has a good 2" before Smaland is a possibility.

My best guess is that it's some major corporate liability. Perhaps shorter children could sue IKEA for MORE $$ if something were to happen.

And as ridiculous as that sounds... there might just be a grain of truth.

Liz Johnson said...

Is it because of how high the steps on their playland are? I know that McDonald's makes them abnormally large in hopes of keeping the smaller (although I think they presume smaller=younger) kids off and out of harm's way, thus minimizing lawsuits. I dunno. An age rule seems more effective, although harder to prove.

JackJen said...

Liz hits on a good can lie about just about anything (age, potty training, etc)...but height can't be faked.

Maybe they're so militant about it because it's the one and only thing they can know for sure...and they've obviously erred on the TALLER side.

Jeremy Palmer said...

She has a Grandpa Stan look on her face! It reads 'oh, ugh, ok.'

sarah said...

haha! she sure does, jeremy

Sarah Rose Evans said...

Congratulations!! Demitri has hit the height requirement, but isn't potty trained yet. Someday, Smalland, I'll enjoy bliss, too.

Bridget said...

I thought Miriam would never make it, either, but she did! So don't give up hope, everyone.

I bet Liz is right - they probably have a height restriction so they don't have to spend time checking birth certificates and such. But it's still not fair.


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