Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keep this, not that

A few times a year, I instigate a clutter inquisition of sorts that I lovingly refer to as a D.I. Purge. D.I. (Deseret Industries) is like Goodwill, but run by Mormons: a place where you can take your old, usable stuff and donate it for them to re-sell. Cleaning junk and clutter out of my house gives me great satisfaction and it's nice to contribute to charity, too.

I've also found that I can let go of sentimental things a little easier if I give them a little send-off on my blog. I know we just had one of these last week, but bear with me as I go through two things that ended up being purged and two things that are safe for now - at least until the next round.

This green ruffle-trim skirt has been tossed into the D.I. "maybe" pile for several rounds now, but each time, I have rescued it at the last minute. Not today.

I bought this skirt for $3 from an Indian at a festival booth in Jordan in 2006. I wore it a couple of times, but it just never fit right. I sometimes suspected that it was made for little girls and I just happened to buy size XXXL or something, because it doesn't really allow for the wearer to have hips. I've kept it until now because I couldn't get over the fact that it cost $3, and it was cute, and I thought maybe it would fit me someday (because having kids only makes you skinnier, don't you know?), but no more. It's gone.

The other item of clothing that succumbed to the wrath of my D.I. purge was this pair of running shorts from INsport, purchased in 1995. Do the math: that was fourteen years ago.

The elastic waistband had been gradually losing its stretchiness over the last few years, and recently, it finally gave out entirely. It happened in the middle of a run, actually, so I ended up using my iPod Shuffle (which I usually clip on my waistband) in a more functional way than I'm used to, if you catch my drift. Goodbye, favorite purple running shorts!

Two items of clothing got a reprieve, at least for now, and they're both old t-shirts. What is it about old t-shirts that is so sentimental? I find it very hard to let go of t-shirts, especially if they were free (and I'm not the only one). These two are no exception.

First, my beloved Girl Scouts Troop 106 shirt. I wore this shirt in public recently and a friend asked me if I was, like, actively involved in Girl Scouts as an adult, or...? She didn't hide her relief very well when I told her not to worry, this shirt is from 2nd grade.

This shirt was a collaborative effort by us 7-year-olds, and we each got to design our own decal for the silk-screen print. Here's a closeup of mine:


This last shirt is another holdout from elementary school: Oak Hills Honor Choir.

The Honor Choir was an after-school activity for 4th-, 5th-, and 6th-graders. I like neither the color of this shirt nor the picture on the front. And yet it seems I cannot part with it.

What ancient items of clothing are you still hanging on to?


Fromagette said...

Mostly clothes I bought in France while on Study Abroad. Hey, they're French, right? Who cares that they were designed to fit skinny French women, which I most certainly am not.

AmandaStretch said...

I'm trying to purge right now, since I'm moving next week. Thanks to theatre and academia, I have SO MANY shirts I can't bear to toss. So, I'm collecting them for a t-shirt quilt. Since you only have two, that I see, maybe you can do a t-shirt pillow? Easy, peasy. Use it as a throw pillow and it becomes a functional memory, not one you just see whenever you happen upon whatever box it's stored in.

Amanda said...

My mom was a little bit of a pack rat and that has made me ruthless when it comes to getting rid of things. When I was in college, I had a job at a bank, and my work clothes started crowding out all my t-shirts from high school, so, like AmandaStretch, I made a t-shirt quilt. It is now my most favorite blanket ever. And, I think I was just surprised that your 2nd grade shirt still fit.

Lindsay said...

I agree - the fact that you can even still wear shirts from second grade is, well ... amazing! :) I went through a phase in high school wear I shopped at D.I., because it was the "cool" thing amongst my friends at the time. I still have a couple of D.I. gems I wear once in a while. I also still have some swimsuits from high school that I can't seem to let go of, even though I have bought several new ones since then.

Liz Johnson said...

I still hang on to my SENIORS '99 shirt even though it has bleach stains and holes. I loooove that thing. I also have some jeans that are 2 sizes smaller than I'm currently wearing that I still have and refuse to give away until I fit into them again. It's a sad dream, but it's a dream nonetheless.

Sarah Rose Evans said...

It irritates Eddie to no end that I won't get rid of that Smashing Pumpkins shirt from that concert way back in high school, even though I never wore it. And when we met, I was wearing an Alanis Morrisette t-shirt, also from when I was fifteen. Sadly, I got rid of the yellow pants.

Natchel said...

Two t-shirts come to mind: a robins egg blue shirt with a large wolf on the front howling at the moon with Alaska written underneath. My dad spent my entire childhood traveling for work and this was a souvenir from, obviously, Alaska. I wore it as a nightshirt for years until it started coming up over my knees. I still wear it. The other shirt is a dark blue shirt from the 80's that says 'Someone in Utah Loves Me'. One of the shoulders has bleach stains on it. I wore it in kindergarten and yes, I still wear it.
I'm a terrible pack rat I realize. I should pack up all my ridiculous t-shirts and send them to Amanda and have her make me a quilt!

EmmySue said...

I myself have no old t-shirts, but David... HE is a packrat! He has TONS of t-shirts and I keep telling him to just take pictures of said shirts and donate them. Still working on that. Time to move again and maybe it will work this time...

The Ensign's said...

That's funny... I recall you wearing that shirt the other day and I thought it was pretty fun! (The girl scout one)

Mikael said...

I remember you wearing the honor choir shirt just a couple yrs ago! HAHA! I love that shirt, you can't throw that one out, it is awesome. You have to wear that one in the nursing home :)
as for me, I have my "ballerina" shirt from the OBT nutcracker when I was 9 yrs old, i still wear it to go running. I LOVE IT!! And that one I will be wearing in the nursing home


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