Friday, May 29, 2009

Flashback Friday: Movies I watched when I was little

Last week, I showed you a few pages from my early childhood diary. Today for Flashback Friday, I'll walk you through something I found in the same box as the diary. It's a small notebook filled with nothing more than a record of all the movies I watched between January 14, 1989, and August 18, 1990. Or at least all the movies my 7- and 8-year-old self felt like writing down, anyway. It gets pretty spotty near the end.

Here's how I start out my little movie record:

Do you remember the old TV/PBS version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? All the anthropomorphic beavers, fauns, et al were ridiculously costumed, but the main cast (especially the White Witch) were actually quite good. My siblings and I developed an unhealthy dislike for Lucy - she was stubborn and whiny and her haircut was unattractive. On the other hand, I practically worshiped Susan, with her shiny braided hair and pleasant British demeanor.

Moving on:

Part two of the same.

I assume this is part 3.

Then comes the inevitable vandalism from my brother Blair (this is only one of the pages he defaced):

In case you can't read it, it has Return of the Monkeys being watched on Saturday not by me, but by President Bush (Senior). Blair brings up a good point, really, one that was brought up by Jeremy as well when he saw this notebook: Why did I record the "who"? It was my notebook - who else would I be writing about but myself? Couldn't we just assume it was Bridget doing the watching? Apparently not:

Craig is my dad. The best part is that that appears to be his handwriting. I'm glad he was willing to sign off personally on Eight Men Out.

Not only was this little notebook fun to read through for nostalgia's sake, it helped solve a little mystery, too. My sister Teresa and I may not have the best track record for remembering childhood events accurately, but both of us were fairly certain that back in the day, long before it would have been appropriate for us to do so, we watched the movie Flowers in the Attic. I know! What a terrible, terrifying movie. I have vague memories of scenes involving a freaky grandma, cyanide-laced powdered sugar on top of cookies, and a bride falling to her death onto a sunken grate in the garden (?). But surely I hadn't actually watched that movie, and certainly not with my younger sister, right?

Well, see for yourself. The notebook doesn't lie:

This page is nothing less than incontrovertible written evidence of what must be one of my parents' more colossal parenting blunders. I really can't imagine how this came about. I only know that I am scarred for life.

I realize you may not have contemporary written evidence, but was anyone else disturbed by certain movies at a young age? Besides Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, of course (Gene Wilder = SCARY).


Jeanerbee said...

Jaws. I'm STILL scared of sharks.

JackJen said...

I can't STAND that version of Lion, Witch, Wardrobe. Joe always affectionately refers to it as "The version with the chubby Lucy." Mean, I know. But it's still NOT my favorite movie.

Steve said...

I love how Willy Wonka is automatically assumed to have been a scarring experience. I can totally relate to that. Each of my siblings in turn was scarred by being forced to watch that movie at school. What were they thinking? Was there some lesson to be learned from it? I still haven't figured it out.

Just thinking of that boy falling into the chocolate pool and being sucked up that tube still freaks me out. It doesn't help that I had a major childhood fear of water.

Nancy said...

I watched "The Brain that Wouldn't Die" with my dad. It terrified me.

We were eating grilled cheese sandwiches with mustard and ham inside. To this day I still can't stand my grilled cheese sandwiches with mustard and ham. I think it might be because of this movie.

Also, it added to my bathroom-phobia.

trishtator said...

My parents love Charade - with Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant. It gives me the willies.

Liz Johnson said...


I was scarred by the McDonald's version of "Babes in Toyland." It had very scary trees, as I recall.

Also, not even kidding, my dad showed me "A True Classic, The Shining" at age 10, while we were roadtripping through Kansas (and thus staying in a hotel). I attribute all of my psychotic dreams to this moment in my life. UGH.

Crys said...

I've never liked Lucy. It might be that version, or maybe she is just totally unlikable :) We used to watch Gigi ALL THE TIME! I thought it was so romantic that he wanted to marry her instead of set her up as his little whore. Good grief what was my mother thinking. But then now I'm the parent. This week I let Ezra watch Goonies and promptly feel asleep. During his second viewing of the movie I realized I've now exposed him to more swearing then he's every heard. Great parenting Crystal :)

Natchel said...

Growing up, I had a loft bed and I used to have dreams that he was coming up my ladder to get me and wold peek over the side and slide that finger towards me. That was at 5 years old. Now my 22 year old self is writing this and I can see goose bumps appearing all across my arms. For years, people have tried to convince me that infact E.T was a GOOD guy. I just can't wrap my mind around that.
And speaking of totally inappropriate things to watch as a young child, between the ages of 4-7, I had a favorite babysitter named Frankie, the teenage boy across the hall from us. I remember if I was well behaved, he would let me stay up and watch 'Cops' with him. Perhaps the trashiest show on tv besides Jerry Springer or Steve Wilko. But oh boy, it was such a treat for me!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I have to speak up in self-defense here--we were very picky about movies our kids watched. One time we recorded one of the Indiana Jones movies off TV (the one where the Nazi's face melts) just for us adults to watch, then found out a babysitter had shown it to y'all when we were out; we were sure you kids were scarred for life.

Dad & I had seen Flowers in the Attic & thought it rather forgettable, & certainly not something we would then turn around and show to our kids. A certain aunt, who shall remain unnamed, came to watch the kids when we went out of town. She rented a movie & it was (we discovered on our return)--Flowers in the Attic--so that's how you came to see it.

Bridget said...

Yeah, to be clear, it wasn't like my parents popped popcorn and then invited all the kids to gather round and watch Flowers in the Attic. They must not have been there.

I loved that TLTWATW as a kid, but I don't think I could watch it now.

Mom, that nazi face melting scene was the BEST! We used to watch that over and over again.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Compared to what is rated PG-13 or even PG now, I guess the Nazi face-melt scene is not that bad; but it was revolutionarily revolting for 1983ish. Shame on you for gloating over it!

Also for its time, TLTWATW was really good (although yes, Lucy was obnoxious).

sarah said...

Good discussion topic. I think I watched most of "The Poltergeist" when I was little, but the only thing I remember was the tv glowing and I think the little girl gets sucked into the tv? Even now when I turn the tv off and it has that faint glow to it, it freaks me out and I have to look away. Somehow I also saw part of "The Exorcist" when very young. I faintly remember my brothers laughing at it, while I was terrified.

Lilianne said...

At my second grade birthday party we decided to have a Halloween theme (my birthday happens right before Halloween.) I suggested we watch a "scary" movie, so my dear mother went blindly to the video store and instead of getting something like "Wait Until Dark" (which is suspenseful, but certainly not SCARY) - but my mom rented "Lady in White", which is a REALLY SCARY MOVIE! Holy smokes. That birthday, still to this day, is infamous and there are those who are still a little scarred from the experience. Maybe that's why they didn't come to my third grade party? :-) Anyway, parent blunder big time on that one.

Another one I watched and have never gotten over is "IT" by Steven King. It was on TV one night and my brother and I were watching it. I'll never get over the scary clown and the large amounts of blood that ran down the sink drain! AHHH! So scary...

Where were my parents on that one? I wonder.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Sorry to keep jumping in here. When I was probably 6 or 7 my mom & dad had an argument so mom decided to go to a movie to cool off and for some reason took me along. Unfortunately, the movie was "Manchurian Candidate"! I doubt she planned that, but probably just showed up at the theatre & that was the current film (in the days before multi-plexes). I was freaked out about some of the scenes for the next 45 years. About a year ago I watched it on TV & got over it. But what a horrible movie to take a child to. That type of exposure was so out of the ordinary for my folks to do; perhaps that's why it stood out so strong for so long.

Teresa Jane said...

Lucy WAS so annoying! I remember not liking her because she was fat and that made her awkward haircut even worse. And I was only 4 years old when you recorded us watching Flowers in the Attic... but the strange thing is that I remember watching it a couple of times. I remember a lot of the movie, actually. I remember being scared from watching "Watcher in the Woods" as well.

EmmySue said...

I still cannot watch the movie Gremlins! It scarred me for life for sure. A few other movies were the Boogie Man, Goonies, Sword in the Stone, and ET. I guess that is how older sibblings get back at our young impressionable minds.

Lindsay Gunnell said...

First of all, I love your blog. Second, since you had a million comments on your makeup/reunion post, I'd thought I'd add a little thought here.

You have gorgeous skin so WEAR SUNSCREEN! Even if your makeup has sunscreen in it, at school they've told us it isn't enough unless you want to put a tsp. of makeup on everyday--yuck! That said, Origins makes a beautiful light makeup/tinted moisturizer that I use every day and it has SPF in it (a little extra bonus just in case). You can try it at their makeup counter in Dillards. It is the perfect starter makeup.

Also, try blush and mascara definitely. Neutrogena makes a nice "fool proof" masacara (get brown since you're so fair) and when you get blush, get BRIGHT blush. It sounds like a bad idea, but have someone show you how to put it on at the makeup counter and you will be shocked by how natural and gorgeous it is!

If you want a mini lesson, I am going to teach a little lesson on bread-making next week and I could invite you to that and show you a few tricks since we have similar coloring. I will let you know if you want to come!


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