Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last night Miriam didn't want to go to bed so I let her have a "special time" (her words). She stayed up and helped me clean the house in preparation for our home inspection today.

Before I go on, I should tell you that Miriam is in love with the musical Les Miserables these days. She wants to listen to it all the time and has large segments of the lyrics memorized. Here's a small sample of her singing (from the beginning, "Look Down"), best enjoyed if you're already familiar with the musical (or you can view the original here).

As she was scrubbing the baseboards last night, past her bedtime, I heard her humming some tunes from the musical and then softly, so softly, she broke out in song at this part of "Castle on a Cloud":

"There is a castle on a cloud;
I like to go there in my sleep.
Aren't any floors for me to sweep.
Not in my castle on a cloud."

It was a tender, pitiful moment, and I felt like a slave driver mom. It was as if Miriam had become the little Les Mis waif.

A few minutes later she told me she wanted to go to bed, which is pretty much the first time those words have ever been spoken by her. She was like little forlorn Cosette, except she did have a nice queen-size bed to sleep in, not a pallet on the floor.

And now I've discovered the secret to enforcing a punctual bedtime.


Steve said...

I think that is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Her rendition of Castle in the Clouds is so saaaaddd.

Jennifer said...

Adorable. Does a home inspection mean you have a potential buyer?

Natchel said...

Wow. I am seriously impressed with the Look Down performance. I was like that when I was younger. By the age of five I knew all the songs to Phantom, Les Mis, Guys and Dolls and very oddly, Chorus Line. I listen to Chorus Line now and am scandilized that my parents let a little child listen to and sing the words to those songs! Holy cow!

Lilianne said...

What a performance! Oh, I'll miss her! She's such a serious little girl!

And that's how my mom got us all to go to sleep. It was either that or she'd threaten us with some form of work - which was usually cleaning the bathrooms. It always worked!

Nancy said...

My mom also often employed the "stay up and clean or go to bed" rule.

And Miriam sounds absolutely adorable singing that!

Amanda said...

This is pretty much hilarious. And, I never fought my mom to go to sleep, so I don't have any experience with this. Thanks for the "stay up and clean" idea; I will be implementing this one tonight.

Liz Johnson said...

Oh my gosh, that is AWESOME. I am so impressed. I'm dead serious, she could play a young Cosette in a year or so!

shabba shabba said...

I'm trying to get my kids to learn some Tesla lyrics, but they're not really catching on. Maybe musicals is the way to go -- over to you, Shannon. I can't bring myself to listen to musicals. I feel like I'd be betraying my butt rocker roots.

Alli E. said...

Hadley loved watching Miriam sing!! That was not a small sample--she knows the entire song!! Very impressive!! Hadley said, 'Miriam and I should get together."

Mikael said...

good post! LOVE IT! She is just adorable. Makenzie is obsessed with sound of music. She knows all the words to "do a dear" ! I love little girls

Lisa Lou said...

Holy cow! I'm so impressed.

Susanne said...

Precious! Love the tongue sticking out (:43 mark). She's a talented little one.


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