Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crayon, cran, cray-un, cray-awn, crown

I know it was forever ago, but here are the poll results for the pronunciation of "crayon."

I am so relieved that five other people pronounce it "crown," like I do. And no, I have no idea where that pronunciation comes from. I only know that I am ashamed every time I say it.

I found the pronunciation distribution maps from this dialect survey. It looks like I have at least one "crown" friend in Portland, Oregon.

This purple map is crayon=crown.

Blue is crayon=cray-un.

Green is crayon=cray-awn.

Red is crayon=cran.

I'm figuring out a new poll tool that will keep it inside of a post, so we'll see if I can get that to work...

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