Sunday, June 21, 2009

Road Trip: Tucson to Provo

Just when you think you know your own children, you take a road trip with them (from Tucson to Provo) and find out all kinds of new things.

For instance:

-Magdalena is an extremely light car sleeper. I think sometimes even turning my blinker on woke her up. I was all set to listen to some rockin' Evita tunes on the drive but I ended up having to hover over the stereo's volume button to turn it down at any loud moments.

-Miriam gets more and more inquisitive as she gets more and more exhausted. And her questions get more and more nonsensical. The way I knew she was really tired was when she started asking if the water in her water bottle would help her sleep, and if Dad's water was the same temperature, or colder, and could she have some of his if it would help her sleep?

Other highlights:

-We ordered some chicken nuggets at the McDonald's in Flagstaff and the employee asked us if "we'd like some dipping sauce for those nugs." I hereby declare "nugs" to be my preferred term for chicken nuggets.

-Miriam was a lost child for about 2 minutes at a Maverick in Fillmore, Utah. I went to the bathroom but Miriam said she wanted to stay outside and play with Dad on the playground (but she ended up following me without either of us knowing it, as we would see). Right as I was walking in the bathroom door inside the store, I thought I heard someone say "Mama" in a Miriam-ish kind of voice, but I didn't give it a second thought since it couldn't possibly be her. Then, while I was in the bathroom, I overheard a mom and child walking in talking about a little lost girl. When I came out, I found out that the little lost girl was Miriam. Jeremy had found her by then. She was pretty distressed. I hope she remembers that feeling if it helps her not do that again.

-Re:Tucson to Provo preferred driving route. We've only made the drive four times total (including both north- and south-bound), but I think I like the route through Flagstaff best, even if it's not the one recommended by Google or our GPS. We went the Las Vegas way twice and both times we got stuck for a long time in the Hoover Dam bottleneck. Besides that, the Flagstaff way is prettier and has a more varied landscape, which helps keep my interest during the drive. It's also cooler, and therefore easier on the AC in the summertime.

We're glad to be done driving for a few weeks, and the girls are, too.


Susanne said...

LOL @ "nugs." Glad you got to Utah safely.

Jill said...

Our first drive from Tucson to Utah we took the Vegas route because Flagstaff was snowed over. Unfortunately, it was the same time that Vegas got snow... :(
Our next trip we went through Flagstaff. Definetely better, prettier, cooler, and I think it is even shorter, although mapquest and GPS both said to go the other way (like yours did). Glad you made it without too much trouble. Now you have a little idea what to expect on your drive to NY!

Janae Ensign said...

I dont care which way you go.... both are a terrible drive.
Persosonally the word "nugs" makes they sound less appealing to me. "Hey Shaylee, eat your nugs." Yeah I think I'll stick with chicken nuggets.

Kristi Manning said...

I got lost like that at Disneyland once. My mom was going to the bathroom, but I said that I wanted to stay with my sister by the lockers. Somehow I tried following my mom, but I lost sight of her in the crowd. It was very terrifying. Luckily my mom had put these things that were like luggage tags on our jackets that day so I was able to show some helpful strangers who I was. They took me to the child lost and found. That was a little weird. I actually had fun there though because I got to play with legos and watch a Disney movie. Anyway, I know what it was like to be Miriam. I was very scared and thought that I would be lost forever. I think it was only an hour though.

Ashley said...

Ben and I like the Flagstaff route also, but don't speed, they get you. I am excited that you are in provo. You will have to come swimming sometime.

Nancy said...

I'm glad you made it! And I'm glad you still have Miriam! Sometimes kids are rather unpredictable!

Andrew and I also think "nugs" are hilarious.

Jeanerbee said...

Having made that drive a couple dozen times I TOTALLY recommend Flagstaff over Vegas. And to avoid Paige and go through Colorado City (polygamist town) instead. Road trips with kids are awesome and awful at the same time - glad you survived!

Amanda said...

Do you have any suggestions for making the ride easier for kids? What time of day did you leave? We are taking our first long road trip (up to Fish Lake in UT) next week and I am totally nervous. Addison is ready to get out of his car seat before we even get across town to visit Grandma and Grandpa these days!

Liz Johnson said...

Yeah, any road trip trips?? Stuff that you'll do on your next long drive that you wish you would've done on the first one??

Britney said...

This post made me smile for two reasons, mainly:

First, because I, too, have suffered from the onslaught of nonsensical questions on a long car trip. Yesterday, my preschooler came up with a dozen or so questions regarding the rear view mirror just in the drive home from church. My sympathies.

Second, because last year when we drove to Kansas City, I checked out the Evita soundtrack from the library, and thought it was the BEST road trip music ever, though my kids wholeheartedly disagreed.

Glad you made it safely.

Steven said...

Bridget: The little girl fell down the stairs.
Miriam: Did she die?!?!
Bridget: No, she didn't die.
Miriam: Why didn't she die?!

Jeremy: I'm really digging this place!
Miriam: WHY?!


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