Monday, July 20, 2009

Blu Moss in concert

While we were in Malad for the 4th of July weekend, we had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Blu Moss in concert.

It was a revival tour in honor of their 40th anniversary, and the only performance they gave was at the Malad High School Class of 1969 reunion.

The venue was the Malad Junior High School's gymnasium.

The attendees were reunion guests and their families.

And the lead singer was Stanley Palmer, AKA Jeremy's dad:

It was great fun. Malad is a small town ("Where Idaho Begins") so the atmosphere of the reunion was warm and welcoming. Kids and grandkids came to enjoy the music and dancing. For us, it was a neat opportunity to see Grandpa Palmer in a different setting.

Before the band started playing, they gave us a little history of how they all found each other and formed a band. The first two members of the band "discovered" Grandpa Palmer when they heard him sing a song at a Christmas program. Before they could continue on with the story, I heard people all over the gymnasium calling out, "Oh yes, we remember, he sang O Holy Night." I was amazed that 40 years later, people still remembered what a certain person sang at one Christmas party so long ago. Then again, I've heard Grandpa Palmer sing that song, and I don't think it's something you could easily forget.

The best part of the night was when Blu Moss performed Summer of '69 for the Class of 1969's reunion. Enjoy!


Brittany Cornett said...

Jeremy's Grandpa rocks!

Jen and Reed said...

That's really cool. My grandpa never did anything like that. I think I remember Jeremy's dad singing something with us for church...vaguely. I just can't put my finger on it. (or he was gonna sing something but didn't.) Hmm.

Alli E. said...

Glad to be at the one night only revival tour!! It was awesome!

Tyler Ball said...

I remember driving through Malad on our way to Chalis. Are the people from Malad called Maladies?

Laura said...

How fun. I had a roommate that was from Malad. I bet your girls loved seeing their grandpa singing in a band.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I once heard Stan sing "O Holy Night" -- Christmas '01. It made me weep & I get tears in my eyes everytime I think about it. Like now.

But he'd make a good rock star too!

Bill said...

We are still playing as a garage band. At Kelly's in Lehi, Ut.


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