Friday, July 03, 2009

Flashback Friday: When Bridget met Jeremy (Part 2)

Last week's Flashback Friday had me taking German 101, making a fool of myself on video, and having my German teacher show that video to his roommates, one of whom was Jeremy Palmer.

A week or two after our German class party where we watched all the videos, I had my German spoken final exam with my teacher, Fritz. He said I did well on the test and made sure to give me a bad time about being a murderess on tape for our group project. I was embarrassed that everyone hadn't just forgotten about it already.

Time passed. A new semester started. I signed up for German 102 but this time, my teacher was a staid old grammar fiend/professor from the German department, not a hip young fellow student interested in building friendships among class members. There were a few of us from the 101 class in the same 102 section, and we stuck together. I learned a lot of German that semester, but I could tell we wouldn't be producing any awesome murder mystery skits at the end of it all.

Jeremy, in the meantime, was still living in the German House at the FLSR. Fritz (his roommate and my German 101 teacher) had shown him the video of our skit and he was entertained enough to recognize me when he saw me in person, which happened about two months later.

I was leaving a Japanese class in the JKHB and stepped out through the door of the building. Jeremy saw me walk by and told himself something like, "if she stops, then I'll go talk to her." Lucky Jeremy - I stopped just outside the building to wait for a friend (a friend who happened to be male, actually, and who never showed up, if I remember correctly).

So there I was, standing outside the JKHB, in the cold. I remember feeling particularly unattractive becaues I was still wearing warmup pants and a sweatshirt from a self-defense PE class earlier in the day. Of course, of course, on the day I met my future husband I would be wearing the equivalent of a sweatsuit.

Next thing I knew, a guy I'd never met before walked by me, down the stairs, and then turned around to talk to me. That's when he unleashed his full charm in a pickup line for the ages.

"Hey, I think I saw you in a movie once."

Next week: The aftermath of that amazing pickup line. Also, Jeremy writes me an insulting email to tell me he never wants to see me again.


Inge said...

It's indeed a very good pick-up line :D

Nancy said...

Laughing, laughing, laughing. So great! Can't everyday be Friday, just for a little while?

The Ensign's said...

This story keeps getting better and better. I cant wait til next week!!

Liz Johnson said...

NICE!!!! That is AWESOME. :)

Susanne said...

I love how you keep us hanging with these teases!

GREAT pick up line! Ha! Thanks for sharing!


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