Monday, July 27, 2009

Road Trip UT to NY: Day 2 (Scottsbluff to Lincoln)

Day 2: Scottsbluff, Nebraska to Lincoln, Nebraska.
Pace: Steady (only about 7 hours of driving).
Rations: Filling, thanks in part to dinner with friends in Lincoln.

So, Chimney Rock. We visited it first thing this morning and I have mixed feelings about it. On the positive side, it was Chimney Rock of Oregon Trail fame. The Visitor Center was informative and kid-friendly. On the negative side, they wouldn't let us anywhere near it, I assume for preservation reasons. It seems to me that it wouldn't hurt to at least let us close enough to see the names carved there. Oh well.

We drove by Courthouse Rock and Jailhouse Rock, too.

I had been looking forward to attending a random Mormon church service. It's kind of fun to do, to dive in to your religion in a different part of the country and see how it's the same, how it's different. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. We forgot to factor in the time difference and besides, it seemed cruel to release the girls from the car only to have them sit still during a church service. Another time, I suppose.

Otherwise, what can I say? We drove to Lincoln, stopped at Chris and Anna's house for dinner, and then got talked into staying the night (it wasn't very hard to do). We'll have to pay off the debt of missed driving hours tomorrow.

Until then.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

I read somewhere that Chimney Rock is significantly shorter now than it was in pioneer days. Natural erosion has taken its toll--not that tourists would add to the erosion, but perhaps they need to be protected from falling rock.

Laura said...

I am glad and a little bit jealous that you were able to spend time with Chris, Anna, and Sophia. I hope that when you get out to the East coast that we will be able to see you too. I am giving you an open invitation of a place to stay if you ever want to visit D.C.

AmandaStretch said...

My recollection of NE on my cross-country trek is getting pulled over just a mile from where we were stopping overnight, which is the first time my brother ever heard me swear . . .

Officer, seeing that I have my entire life PACKED into my little VW with UT plates: Um, so where are you off to?

Me: Well, I'm on my way to Virginia. I got a job there. We're stopping for the night up at Grand Island.

Officer: Oh yeah? What job?

Me: Fine Arts Librarian for _____

Officer: Oh cool. Congrats!

Then he checked my info, told me not to speed in their fine state, and sent me on my way.


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