Friday, August 21, 2009

Flashback Friday: Das Ist Nicht OK

Remember when Bridget met Jeremy?

Here is the video that started it all (a loose script in English follows below).

Das Ist Nicht OK = That Is Not OK.
[The setting here is supposed to be a jail.]
-I haven't asked for much. When someone is married, they should be good. It began on a cold day in December.

-I'll be home tonight. Will you call me? Yeah, OK. I love you, bye.
-Who was that?
-My boss, why?
-What does she want?
-She wants to ask me about work.
-I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

-I drank too much coffee yesterday [this is an inside class joke - a stock phrase from the textbook, I think].
-[singing a German folk song we learned in class about a fox, a goose, and a hunter]

-Is this place free?
-Yeah, have a seat!
-Thanks! Hello Helga, how are you?
-Good! What have you done today?
-I have done so much.
-Tell me about it!
-OK, I met my boyfriend. He is married, but his wife doesn't know me.
-That is simply cool.

-[thinking] Who is knocking at my door?...Who are you? I don't know you.
-Do you work here? Is Jeff here?
-[aside] She is Jeff's girlfriend. Come in! Please.
-[singing & a class inside joke involving the accusative case]

-[German rhyme for learning the numbers]
-She's over there!
-[COPS "Bad Boys" theme in German - yes, really]
-[the witch theme from The Wizard of Oz - I think this was ad-libbed]

-I will take her out! Stop! Stop!

-[Back in prison] My mother told me, "In a marriage, always tell the truth." That is important, but must change the toilet paper! Change the toilet paper! That is not OK, to not change the toilet paper.

The point being that I killed my husband not for his greater crimes but for not changing the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. Ha ha.

My thoughts on watching it again:
-I'm not sure what it was about me that Jeremy fell for. In fact, I'm more horrified than I remember at the level of embarrassment going on here.
-Also horrifying: the quality of the German in this video. In our defense, we were only at the 101 level, and our teacher set us loose for this project and didn't do any correcting or editing of our scripts. So it is pure, unmitigated amateurism.
-This was how ghetto homemade movies looked before the days of Final Cut, etc. It was like cut-and-paste with VHS.
-I loved my classmates in this video and I am sad that I am no longer in contact with any of them.
-Why did they make me be the murderess when the best actress in the group was obviously Anna (I'm sure you realize which one I'm talking about)? My memory is fuzzy on the details of how I was coerced into taking that role.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the video that mortified me in front of Jeremy but also set in motion the events that would make me his wife.


Liz Johnson said...


Above anything, I'm actually somewhat surprised that Jeremy recognized you from it. I mean, it's obviously you, but I can't believe that stuck so much with him. You're obviously a very memorable actress, Bridget. :)

AWESOME. Please say it is on YouTube??

christi and clifton said...

It's a good thing Jeremy watched this before meeting you. Now he knows exactly what happens if he doesn't change the toilet paper! :)

Laura said...

I loved it! Thank you for sharing the video with all of us even though it may be somewhat embarrassing to you. My favorite part is you on the bike.

Kristen said...


The Ensign's said...

I think it's obvious why Jeremy fell for you. He found someone that felt the same way about changing the toilet paper.
You guys are perfect for each other!

sarah palmer cook said...

haha! i loved it! thanks for sharing!!!

Britney said...

That was from German 101, you say?
I'm impressed!


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