Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fortunately, unfortunately

Fortunately, yesterday morning was storytime at the Ithaca Children's Garden, and the girls and I were all set to go, on time.

Unfortunately, we got outside and saw that the car had a flat tire.

Fortunately, Jeremy hadn't left for school/work/campus (I still don't know what to call it), and he was able to put on the spare tire so we could drive to get it fixed.

Unfortunately, doing this caused him to miss his bus.

Fortunately, we were able to give him a ride.

Unfortunately, we missed storytime.

Fortunately, we went to the Children's Garden anyway and played in the dirt and on the giant turtle.

Unfortunately, this meant that by the time I got to Sears to see about getting the tire fixed, the girls were tired, hungry, and exhausted.

Fortunately, the Sears people said they could fix it right then.

Unfortunately, while I was negotiating with the Sears people, Magdalena destroyed the pricing display in front of the tire section.

Fortunately, they said it was no problem, and the girls and I settled in to eat a sandwich while we waited.

Hanging out in the Sears Auto Center waiting room, reading some Vogue.

Unfortunately, an hour later when we had long finished lunch, they still weren't done with the car. Magdalena was going crazy and wreaking havoc wherever she could.

Fortunately, the news about the status of the tire, when it finally came, was good: there was no leak that they could find, so I wouldn't have to pay anything to have it fixed. They had just filled it back up with air and put it back on the car.

And here comes the big Unfortunately: According to them, this means that the cause of our flat tire was most likely someone letting the air out of the tire, on purpose. Every time I think of the studied, mean destruction involved in a person walking up to a tire (in a car with two carseats in it! Will no one think of the children?!?), removing the cap, pressing down on the needle to release the air, holding down the needle until all the air in the tire is gone, and then replacing the cap - well, my head just about explodes.

Doesn't yours?


Susanne said...

Yes, that IS really awful if what you are thinking is true! Maybe it was just a bad practical "joke"..ugh.

Or maybe the Sears people are wrong and there is a very slow leak that they were unable to find. I can't imagine someone deliberately trying to take air out of someone's tire.


Where is that police officer when you need him?

Scotty P said...

Jeremy and I can hide out with baseball bats next weekend waiting for the perp.

Or we could put pepper spray or dog poo on your tire valves.

JackJen said...

I knew all of those Ivy Leaguers were no good. =)

That sort of thing is like stealing in my book. There's absolutely no need and it's just vile. Who stands there while HOLDING DOWN THE NEEDLE? Seriously!!

Or, I could be extra optimistic and ask if they checked the rim of the wheel. ours had a TINY bend in it that would allow air to escape from the tire. But I'm assuming the folks at Sears checked that out.

Liz Johnson said...

I really like that poo idea.

That's actually kind of scary. Who sits outside somebody's house and lets air out? That falls under "people who would kill your dog for fun" in my book.

The Ensign's said...

My head just about exploded when someone threw a rock at our back window and the losers paint graffiti all over the neighborhood. Why? Is the rush REALLY worth it? I just don't understand why people want to destroy others stuff. grrrrr

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I vote for Scott's idea.

Spencer said...

Sorry about the mishap--

Just curious if this post is a conscious or a subconscious tribute to one of my favorite children's books of all time (Fortunately, by Remi Charlip). Thanks to that book, our nephew now refers to almost all desserts as surprise party cakes.

Either way, thanks for a fun read.

Glad to hear you guys are getting settled in.

Craig said...

I have to believe there was a leak, and nobody let the air out. I have had this happen at least twice on my Altima. One time the tire store blamed some corrosion on the rim, and filed it down.

Bridget said...

Spencer, I'm not purposely mimicking anything and I don't think I've read that book, but maybe it seeped into me somehow. It's funny you mention that author because we just checked out another book by him (the first I'd ever seen).

Dad, if that is the case, then shouldn't the tire get flat again? I would rather pay for the tire to get fixed than believe humanity is capable of doing this on purpose.

Jeanerbee said...

That. Is. Weird. And creepy! Very, very creepy. And rude! What on EARTH???!

Laura said...

That is pretty awful. I am really sorry. I hope that it was a one time thing. Was there any other car in your parking lot that had a flat tire too?


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