Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Six reasons why I love GEICO

1. It's like GEICO was made for me. They prefer to transact all of our car insurance business via email instead of over the phone. I just love that a company is willing to write emails back and forth with me like I'm a real person, at my convenience, instead of keeping me on hold for 30 minutes at their convenience.

2. Speaking of real people, GEICO employs them. When a GEICO person responds to my emails, they write things that real people write. Their greetings are always a little over-exuberant so that might be a script, but otherwise, I can tell that they have actually read my email, considered what it had to say, and composed a thoughtful, relevant reply. This is not always the case when dealing with companies over the internet. These days, more often than not, it seems like customer service reps scan your email for a few key words and then copy and paste a stock reply that is usually completely unhelpful. Not so with GEICO.

3. With our living-in-Tucson-but-fleeing-to-the-Middle-East-every-summer gig, we didn't have the most "normal" auto insurance usage pattern around. But GEICO always was willing to work with us to make sure we were never paying for insurance we weren't using. This meant sending us refund checks every year and starting up and pausing the policy at weird intervals. They never batted an eye.

4. During the aforementioned temporary moves, GEICO held us by the hand and told us exactly what we needed to do to make sure that Arizona didn't invalidate our car registration in the meantime. I just loved that.

5. When we were at the DMV last week getting our car registered in New York, we realized that the proof of insurance card we had did not list my name. We got up to the window and the DMV employee told us that GEICO would have to fax a corrected one over for us to be able to complete our business. I'll admit that despite all my positive experiences with GEICO, I was not confident that we would be walking out of the DMV with our registration any time soon, let alone that same day. Still, I called GEICO right there and then. To my surprise, not only was my call answered promptly by a real live person, but the lady was super helpful and faxed over the required information immediately. It was in the DMV not five minutes later. Who are these people?!?

6. For my last item, let me share an example of how GEICO deals with their customers. When we moved, we had to transfer our car insurance policy from Arizona to New York. GEICO emailed me asking for a few pieces of information needed to update the policy, such as new coverage levels and also the average number of miles we drove annually.

I am not exaggerating when I say that my actual responses to them on those two points were: first, can you just kind of jimmy the numbers so that the coverage level is comparable to our Arizona policy, but adheres to New York's guidelines? And second, I am too lazy to walk down two flights of stairs and a hill to my car to get the mileage records out of the glove box. Can you look up what I told you last year and just plug in the same number?

To this totally lazy, totally casual response, they said "sure, no problem."

And that is why I love GEICO.


Liz Johnson said...

Wow, that's awesome. I've only ever heard good things about GEICO. If I weren't 100% happy with my insurance company (USAA), that's probably who I would go with.

Susanne said...

That's great! They should star you in one of their commercials -- Bridget and the Gecko!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

You definitely should copy this post to GEICO, or at least send them the link. They need to know how wonderful they are before they mess it up.

Grace said...

I actually knew a few people from high school who worked at a GEICO customer service department. Yes. They're real. And the people I knew? They were truly super nice people.

The Ensign's said...

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?????? MY HUSBAND!!!!He's gonna love this post!
On a serious note..... this is why we decided to get a job for them. EVERY time I called them about my car insurance they were super nice and helpful. We figured that if they always seemed so happy then it must be a good job and now, almost 5 1/2 years later, I can say that it is a GREAT job. I LOVE Geico, but being that my husband works there and I hear about how things work on the inside I could write a whole book of reasons why I love it.

#1 They pay us!!!!

That is just a taste of what my list would include.

Jennifer said...

We also loved GEICO. We only switched because it was cheaper to get insurance through Costco once we moved to California. While we had GEICO, Jeff's car was hit while parked (hit and run) and we were both impressed at how easy the whole claim process went.

You should be on a commercial with the gecko. I can say that confidence, having recently seen other commercials you've been in. :)

Bridget said...

Yeah, I guess it should be SEVEN reasons I love GEICO, with the last one being that our friend Chad works there (and they give him My Little Ponies).

Chad said...

Funny that you remember the "My Little Ponies". I will be sure that your blog gets to the people that need to know at GEICO. They do try very hard to make things easy and focus on the customer.

If anyone is so persuaded by this blog that they feel they need to get a quote - call 800-342-9070 - give them my ID: 118278. You can get quotes on auto, home, renters, rv, boat, motorcycle, atv.

My next post - 6 reasons why we love Bridget - Nasty Grams, enough with these nice happy blogs, I want to hear some more Nasty Grams so I can write a response to you...Janae needs you to write a nasty gram about our washing machine

Jeanerbee said...

Also a GEICO fan. They don't cover MA though so we had to give them up last year after FOREVER! It was a sad day. I don't know who we're with now - how's that for being informed? =)


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