Monday, October 26, 2009

More Autumn in Ithaca

Yes, this is another post where I wonder what I did to deserve to live in a place like THIS:

It's enough to make me want to buy a new camera. The camera I used to take these pictures has been dropped and slobbered on and attacked by beach and desert sand too many times to do justice to this kind of scenery. But here's a few more,
...on campus:

...just outside of Ithaca on the way to Locke:

(We pass this field every once in a while if we drive a certain way and every time, I want to jump out of the car and just run across it. One of these days, I just might have to give in.)

...and in Lansing. No, I don't have any idea what is going on here. Let's just hope it has something to do with Halloween:

Experiencing autumn for the first time in a long time has brought back all kinds of childhood memories, like how fun it is to wade through a shin-deep pile of leaves, or bury yourself or others in same. Or how satisfying it can be to step on leaves that are juuuuust the right amount of crunchy. Also in the "oh yeah, I forgot about this" category: how slimy the fallen leaves get when it rains, and the way the view outside your window changes from day to day as the foliage grows more and more sparse. Good memories. Yes, I love fall.

(Sorry for the bumpy layouts recently. I switched to the new editor and it is beyond wonky sometimes.)


JackJen said...


JackJen said...

P.S. Are you finding that more people in the East decorate their homes for Halloween? My sister in-law was here last week and noticed that we have more-than-normal external *decor* for this time of year.

P.P.S. (Much of it, admittedly, is quite tacky.)

Susanne said...

Open fields have that same affect on me! Recently I was thinking, "where can I find a big field to run across?" :)

Love crunching leaves this time of year.

Lovely pics!

Liz Johnson said...

Ahhhh beautiful!!!! Cornell looks like such a gorgeous campus, too. I love the old buildings.

And I've actually found that, compared to Utah, people decorate their homes WAY less in the Midwest, especially for non-Christmas holidays. I felt like October-January was one giant tacky-fest when I was living in Utah.

Tyler Ball said...

You guys have to wear jackets? What a weird concept. Lillian waved goodbye to me standing in her underwear as I drove away.

Fromagette said...

Like Jen, I just have to sigh. It sounds so beautiful! Though we do have our fair share of beautiful leaves here, they tend to be more on the "slimy" side when they are on the ground. Ah, NW rain...

The Ensign's said...

You've almost convinced me to tell Chad to transfer to the Buffalo office, but I don't think I could handle their winters. Besides I don't think I'll get much use out of my pool that I'm convinced I'm gonna have one day.

Sarah and Trent said...

Oh my it is so beautiful!! I really miss the fall season...especially the crinkle of leaves. The palm trees here in AZ don't really do fall justice.

Mikael said...

the fall is one of my favorite seasons, looks so AMAZING there! WOW! you are lucky to live around such beautiful scenery. Probably makes you have an energy for each day that doesn't exist in dark oregon

Britney said...

My son paid me a compliment today. While scrolling through the pictures in this post, he pointed at your picture, and said, "That looks like you, Mom!"

I can't believe those are the campus grounds. Gorgeous.

Bridget said...

Um, Britney, that's a huge compliment to ME.

Jen, more people decorate for Halloween here than in Tucson, certainly. I think the leaves inspire people.


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