Monday, November 09, 2009

Awkward Palmer family photos

Before I ever knew about Awkward Family Photos, my friend Britney did a post on all the photo duds she had to cast aside when going through pictures of her kids. You know, the ones that are unfocused, or where your kid looks terrible, or no one is looking at the camera, or all of the above. I sifted through the last few months of Palmer family photos and found some winners. And by winners, I mean losers.

This one seems innocuous at first, and it's fine, really, except that my sister-in-law and I ended up in no-man's-land as far as rows are concerned. Check us out - we're squatting behind the seated people and in front of the standing people, and we're the only ones doing so. We're short, but we're not THAT short.

This is your classic multiple-young-children picture. Everyone's fussing and looking at his or her mom instead of the camera.

I love this one. No one seems to be listening or talking to anyone else. No one's face is really showing properly, either. And both men seem to be adjusting their pants.

Sometimes the shutter clicks at just the wrong moment, doesn't it?

Cupcakes in the hot tub. One girl is not looking and the one who is doesn't look too cute.

I actually have a ton of photos centered around the general theme of Magdalena putting all of her body weight into trying to escape. This one happens to be at Niagara Falls.

I'm sure many of you have those photos of your kids where you're trying to wrangle them even as you take the picture. It almost never works.

We were having fun. We really were. Just look at Katie's face (in the background).

I think Magdalena looks Asian in this photo.

Poor little awkward girl. She has more than her fair share of these.

See what I mean? I think she was mid-cough in this one, and I had just undone her pigtails.

Yeah. She's definitely susceptible to awkward photos.

Does anyone else have any good ones?


Britney said...

These are great not-so-greats. I especially liked the Niagara Falls pic of you and Magdalena. It almost looks like she wants to jump in.

Duds sure make for a fun post if nothing else, don't they?

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I think the 5 babies looking for their moms is an adorable picture.

We have our share of dorky photos, most of them involving me. My eyes droop when the flash goes off and if it's sunny outside my face is twisted in a mashed up squint. And there are a few where I tried to give a subtle cool smile and ended up with an evil smirk in the photo.

It's a pain to be un-photogenic.

Lili and Jason said...

Dang. I was looking forward to seeing your lovely IF/Olan Mills shots. You know, the ones where you're on your stomach with your feet in the air? Those were totally awesome...and TOTALLY awkward. Wouldn't you say?

Bridget said...

OH MY GOSH I forgot about those! Thank you for reminding me and I'll have to post those another time!

JackJen said...

There's a reason why I don't make many appearances on my own blog... =)

The Johnsons said...

The first one that comes to my mind is of Owen at the beach with sand all over his face and watermelon drippings too. I wanted to remember that, but caught him kind of choking up a piece of watermelon so his eyes are all teary and it it makes him look....well it's not his best shot. I put it on my blog anyway...the messy face was too tempting.

I always love how fun and creative your posts are.

Susanne said...

Hehehe...these were cute. The Asian Magdalena picture makes her seem to have metal teeth..or maybe just braces?

I love the kids on the blanket pic! Cute and candid.

Kristen said...

Hmmm. Hope you don't mind if I borrow this idea for a future post. Totally fun! Problem is, I'm such a perfectionist--I tend to DELETE the pictures I don't like. Hide the evidence that sometimes I or my kid look horrendous.

Christina LeSueur said...

I was also hoping to see your "Chucky Cheese" photo. It is one of my favorites!


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