Monday, November 23, 2009

Impressions of Boston and a missed opportunity

We've been in Boston for three days now, so I think I'm fully qualified to make sweeping generalizations about the city and its inhabitants.

1. Its roads are very curvy and nonsensical. Even Nigel the GPS gets confused sometimes. The worst part is that it's one of those cities where if you make even ONE wrong turn, your ETA jumps back about 12 minutes.

2. We have the ghettoest stroller in existence, apparently. Everyone else walking around town with their offspring has cute European-ish baby buggies. Almost they persuadeth me to buy an $800 stroller (but not quite).

3. Nothing is pronounced the way it should be, not even by Nigel the GPS. My friend Jen enlightened me on a few of my mistakes but I'm sure there are too many for her to catch them all. Worcester, Woburn, Copley - trust me, you're not pronouncing them correctly.

But we're really enjoying our time here. At least the girls and I are, since we're kind of on our own while Jeremy is busy with his conference activities. The low moment came yesterday afternoon when we were checked out of our hotel in the suburbs but couldn't check in to our swanky digs in the city for five more hours. What do you do with two kids in an unfamiliar city for an entire cold November afternoon?

We ended up hanging out at Copley Square for a while. A good hour and a half, actually. While we were there, a group of college students came up and started filming some scenes for a movie they were making for a class. Part of the scene involved two of the young male students wearing white shirts and ties, holding a softcover blue KJV Bible with gold lettering on the cover. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

When they got a break, I asked if they were pretending to be Mormon. Then I quickly self-identified as a Mormon, before they could unintentionally offend me. I didn't quite catch if they said they were or were not portraying Mormons in their film, because I was distracted when they asked if I wanted to be in the scene. I gestured lamely at my two kids and mumbled a half-hearted refusal, but now I wish I had said yes.

They were students from Boston University. When I was applying for college as a high school senior, I applied to William & Mary, Boston University, and the BYU. William & Mary deigned to accept me but did not extend a scholarship. BU said they'd give me a half-tuition scholarship. BYU gave me a four-year, full-ride scholarship. Guess where I ended up going?

But it's been fun to be in Boston and see the place where I "almost" (until I fully comprehended the number of zeroes behind the tuition rates, even with a half scholarship) went, and it would have been awesome to be in a BU student film lo, these ten years later. So I don't know why I said no. I should have said yes.

Maybe I'll get another chance. Probably not, but maybe. We're in Boston for about 24 more hours, so it's still a possibility, right?


Kirk and Jamie said...

Your impressions are right on the nose! I love that you noticed the stroller thing, it is very true, especially on campus. We had some friends visit last year and they said the same thing and also felt a little inadequate with there $5 umbrella stroller : )I hope you got a chance to walk through Harvard campus, it is so beautiful. Thanks for your comment on our blog. I am sure we will be crossing paths. Who would have thought that we would end up in the same Stake as a friend from Westview, crazy. Sorry for the long post, just wanted to say hi and see you next summer in upstate NY. Glad you guys are enjoying it.

Chris said...

I laughed thinking about Nigel getting flustered and frustrated:
"Turn left, I, PIPE DOWN and let me THINK would you? I erggh. AH!"
Ha ha ha.

Aimee said...

Boston looks like a very fun city! Vienna also has those awesome "euro" strollers that are $800 at least! Occasionally I feel inadequate in our stroller, but it gets the job done! Have fun!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Boston is a great city--I'd like to go again sometime. But getting around, is not my favorite part of the visit.

Did you take the girls to Plimouth Plantation?

Mikael@starter home to dream home said...

my second love is boston. I was going to move there right before I met Derek... hopefully someday I can take derek there and show him how great it is (You shoulda been in the film, no matter how nerdy you felt!)

Susanne said...

Sounds fun! I wonder what kind of movie they were making. Thanks for sharing your impressions and adventures.


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