Saturday, November 28, 2009

Movie Review: New Moon

If I had to write a movie review of New Moon in one word, it would be:


I haven't seen so much angst packed into two hours since high school. As in, real life, when I was in high school. In fact, I'm kind of sad I couldn't watch New Moon as a 16-year-old girl because I think I would have LOVED it. It was just so angsty. Everyone was sad and mopey and dramatic and beautiful and breaking up and having misunderstandings and almost kissing. ANGST.

Besides the angst, here are my other impressions of the movie:

-Jacob still bugs. He's improved since Twilight, but he still bugs. Sorry.

-I thought Bella did a lot better in this movie. She didn't sputter and stammer as much, which was nice.

-I really liked how the film portrayed the aftermath of the breakup.

-I LOVED Michael Sheen as the vampire Aro. You may remember him from such movies as The Queen, in which he portrayed Tony Blair. In some ways, it seemed like Sheen was the only one in New Moon who didn't take himself too seriously, and his performance was awesome as a result.

So, yeah, my feelings are quite mixed on this one. I did thoroughly enjoy the movie. It was engrossing, moody, and well produced. But there were lots of cringe-worthy moments and I don't know that anyone who doesn't like the books (to which it is shockingly faithful) would like the movie.

Also, let me just state for the record that even though Jacob as portrayed in the movie kind of bothered me, he did lend a certain vibrancy and momentum to the story that disappeared whenever Edward showed up again. This is why I am adding Bella Swan to the list of Literary Heroines Who Ended Up With the Wrong Man (also on that list: Jo March and Anne Shirley).

Did you see New Moon? What did you think?


elliespen said...

I have to agree about Jo, but I'm curious as to who you think Anne should have ended up with. (Roy was okay, but I think he would have been unto-tears boring in the long term.)

I also like Jacob better than Edward, but I didn't like Bella so much, which is why I thought it was more than okay that Jacob didn't end up with her.

RasunBaby said...

wait.... you think Anne ended up with the wrong guy??! I have been in love with Gil since I was about 10.

Amanda said...

I'm with RasunBaby. Who the heck did you want Anne Shirley to end up with if not Gilbert Blythe?

And, the more I think about it, the more I hate Bella... so we won't be seeing the movie.

Bridget said...

OK, maybe Anne ended up with an acceptable option, which is more than I can say for Jo. For Anne, I was thinking of the movie's Morgan Harris. No?

Susanne said...

Eh, Morgan was nice, quite dashing and all, but I adored Gilbert ever since he teased her and called her "Carrots."

Wow, see how mentioning Anne there at the end made all commenters mention HER? Screw the Moon movie.


Amanda said...

New Moon was way better than Twilight. Might it have been the bigger budget? I am so glad there was a soundtrack, i.e. background music. How do we get through daily life without background music? It makes the emotions so much more intense.

Other impressions-
I laughed out loud when they were talking about which movie to go see. "Face Punch" with a whole bunch of faces being punched. Honestly?

And what was up with the Volturi fight scene? That didn't happen in the book did it? Edward can read thoughts and thus anticipate every move, why was he getting his butt kicked?

Brittany Cornett said...

I think I married a Jacob. I had boyfriends in high school that were all drama- which made them more deep (or passionate for the lack of a better word). But I guess I decided it is better to live more of a carefree existence. I think an Edward would be too needy for me.

Katie said...

Who was Anne supposed to end up with instead?

Katie said...

Umm... Bryan just pointed out your previous comment that answered my question. Sorry.

Kristen said...

Such an apt review, I agree on so many points. Jacob had a lot more character in this movie than Edward, but then again, he's basically missing through most of it. I like Jacob. Seems like Kristen Stewart had some acting lessons since Twilight. Nearly every line in the movie was uttered with the same dark, angst-y tone, so I could have used more "levels." Overall, a well-done adaptation of a very long book though.

Crys said...

Amen to Jo! Before you even wrote her name down I was thinking, Jo had better be on that list. Apparently she was supposed to be a spinster. Why? She is the character everyone wanted to be...and who wouldn't marry Laurie...of forget it. Anne had to marry Gilbert. When she had her other "romance" I was sick. My mother had to tell me to chill out. Seriously I get a little to emotionally invested :)

Mikael said...

too bad I am not 16 or I may even want to see it. Thanks for the review


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