Monday, November 23, 2009

This is your life, blog style

You know that kind of friend who you can go without seeing for years, and then when you do see each other again, it's like you can pick up right where you left off?

I love that kind of friend. And fortunately, that kind of friend is a lot more common now that so many people have blogs. Because "where we left off" now means "you know, last Tuesday when I read your blog." I love it. And I love that it doesn't have that stalker-y feel so much anymore like it used to a couple of years ago.

When I got to thinking about it, I realized that there are a lot of people out there who I would have (unintentionally and sadly) gone out of contact with entirely if it weren't for blogs. Take my friend Britney, for example. We were best buds for the few short years we spent growing up together. Then she moved away and we wrote letters (like actual paper letters with postage and everything) but that eventually tapered off. Now, thanks to blogs, even though we haven't seen each other in probably 16 years, we are entirely up-to-date on each other's lives.

Also, take my friend Jen. She was my next-door roommate at the BYU and may have even slept on my floor a few times. I haven't seen her since early 2004. But that doesn't mean I can't show up in Boston, call her to come meet me at some Revolutionary War sites, and spend most of the day with her and her family! I met her son yesterday for the first time, but it hardly seemed like it since I knew what he looked like from her blog. As we chatted yesterday, we got to skip a lot of the boring "so what have you been up to?" recaps and get right to the good stuff. Like I said, I love it.

Does anyone else keep up on long-lost friends' blogs? And isn't it amazing how, upon seeing each other again, you can easily jump right back into a friendship after years apart?

ps - I made the November 22nd NaBloPoMo deadline by 30 minutes. Phew!


elliespen said...

Besides keeping up with friends' blogs, I also love how blogs let you "get to know" people you haven't met and wouldn't otherwise have come in contact with (like yourself and Miss Nemesis). Thanks for letting me lurk (in a hopefully very non-stalkerish way).

Merkley Jiating said...

I hardcore blogstalk people. Sometimes I think it scares them that I know every detail of their life. Whoops.

Liz Johnson said...

Amen! I'm so glad you guys got to hang out. I need to come meet up with you at some point so that we can not catch up. :)

Fromagette said...

Well, considering that I haven't seen you since December 05, I'd say you count! You and most of the other former roomies.

Britney said...

I'm so glad we're still in touch.

And way to go on NaBloPoMo thus far. It takes me the better half of a year to write 22 posts! :)

Jennifer said...

Oh yes! I "keep in touch" with so many people through their blogs that I would have completely lost track of otherwise. Love it!


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