Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two good deals

1. A couple of weeks ago, I heard about the one-day Oprah deal where if you mentioned the right coupon code, Payless Shoe Source would give you 50% off your entire purchase, no exceptions. So Miriam and I went to Payless, bought five pairs of shoes, and paid $30 total. I later returned one pair which brought the steal of a deal down to four pairs for $27, but still. These cute little shoes for Magdalena didn't cost me $19.99. They were on sale for $7, so I paid $3.50. I was, and am, pretty excited about that.

2. One of my wonderful sisters-in-law gave me a Bath & Body Works gift certificate for my birthday way back when. She also gave me a coupon for a free item of my choice (up to $13) with any purchase (minimum $15). I haven't been inside that store for a couple of years, but I finally got around to it last night to spend my precious gift money.

However, at the last minute, I noticed that the coupon had expired just a few days before. I went ahead and asked the sales lady at the store if they would still honor it, even though I was sure she would say no, and sure enough, she did. Oh well. At least there was still the gift certificate, right?

To my surprise, while I was browsing a few minutes later, the sales lady sought me out in the store and told me that actually, they'd be happy to honor the coupon. It was only a couple of days out of date, after all, and they were willing to make an exception for me. I couldn't believe it. It would have been so easy for her to just let it slide, even if she had found out from her manager in the meantime that the coupon could be used. I would never have known. But she made the extra effort to ensure I had a good experience at their store.

Anyway, it was a difficult decision since they have about a million more products than I remember seeing last time I was there, but I finally settled on some lotion and lip gloss(es). Normally, the items would have cost about $35. With my gift card and coupon, I spent all of $1 and change, for sales tax. I was so happy to get so much value out of my present!

The best part is that when I handed over my $1, the sales lady (actually a different one from before) didn't look down on me or act all snarky, as sometimes happens, just because I was doing my best not to spend my own money. She was very pleasant and really did everything she could to make my experience a good one.

Hooray for two good shopping trips!


Katie said...

Woot woot! How do you keep track of when and what that sweet Oprah deal is?

Bridget said...

I don't. I found out completely by accident, so I don't know if it's a regular thing or what.

Liz Johnson said...

That is AWESOME. I was so mad when I found out about the Oprah deal, because I had just bought Nathan shoes there THE DAY BEFORE and didn't find out about the deal until after my Payless had closed. Sad day. :(

Lisa Lou said...

That makes me happy to hear that the sales lady tracked you down! Hooray for ultra helpful people!

Eevi said...

I love love love a good deal! I'm glad you got some fun stuff at Bath and Body Works. It's amazing to me how much a simple purchase of a new lipgloss/eyeshadow/lotion can cheer me up:) Especially when I don't have to pay (much) for it.

Janae Ensign said...

She didn't looks down on you because there's people like me that use the free item coupons and not buy anything ALL the time. I get VS coupon cards for free ....panites (I'm blushing over here)... and I walk in get my freebies and walk out without spending a dollar. Same with picture people. They always have free 8X10's. I rarely pay for pictures there.

Teresa Jane said...

Yah right, Bridget, you watch Oprah every day! Is it even on every day? You should have gotten some Bath and Body Works foam hand soap. I LOVE that stuff. And you can usually get them for $3 each, like 5 for $15 or something.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I live for good deals. Fred's recently had this inexpensive tiny tent I like for backpacking, on sale for $15. No it's not REI, but it works. I sent Blair down to get it & for an unknown reason they further discounted it down to $13!

You should call or somehow compliment the employee and/or manager to a higher up. I believe if we encourage 'good behavior' among retailers, they'll form a deeper understanding of how to create customer good will, which earns them more $$ in the long run. I've shopped and not returned to places whose philosophy apparantely is, "what's customer good will?"

JackJen said...

Well done! For the record, LL Bean is doing their annual spend-$25-get-a-$10-gift-card promotion through December, I think. I take advantage of it every year--but it's like your mom said: I like supporting stores that value customers. LL Bean has never disappointed!


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