Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Video potpourri

I've been wanting to post a few videos I've enjoyed lately.

1. I didn't get a lot of sleep last week and one afternoon I ended up watching a lot of YouTube videos with the girls on my lap. This one made me laugh until I cried (see "lack of sleep," above).

2. My dad told me about this one. Watch out - it's addictive. It's just a creative wedding aisle dance from some normal couple. I watched it the first time and thought, "that was cute, but whatever." Then I watched it again. And again. And again.

3. Then I saw the spinoff "The Office" did a few weeks ago. Hilarious and fun to watch for a whole different reason.

4. Did you see the highlights of that ultra-violent BYU women's soccer game last week? As Jeremy pointed out when he watched it, it's not like BYU was totally without fault. But come on.

5. This one is classic.

6. My brother Steven posted this on his blog. I watched it about a million times and laughed every single time.

I just had to take a screenshot of the moment that almost made me pee my pants. What is even going on here?!?

What videos have you been watching lately?


Amanda said...

The Hamish and Andy ghosting videos that Laura put up by way of our friend Patrick made me laugh for a long time. And now Tyler won't stop doing it, it's really unsettling.

Beth said...

Oh my heck. David Letterman has been showing the clip of the ultra-violent soccer takedown, but until now I didn't realize the other player was from BYU. Good grief.

JackJen said...

While I in no way condone what that soccer brute-ess did, I do feel kind of badly that all you have to do is google 'soccer player' and her name is the first to come up.

Though, I will say that I've enjoyed Letterman's revisitation of the subject. =)

Lindsay said...

I watched the SNL Firelight short on Saturday. It was even funnier just now. I could watch youtue all day! :)

Steven said...

I love the twilight one. Did you know that the girl who plays Bella in the parody is Taylor Swift?

Nancy said...


Bridget said...

Really? I thought Taylor Swift was a boy. I've just heard the name a lot.

Amanda, those videos were cracking me up, too. And Jeremy has been ghosting me ever since.

Schnappi is so cute, Nancy!

Susanne said...

That Jeff Varner "lesbian" comment was hilarious! WGHP Fox 8 is my local news outlet although Jeff is now in Michigan. Still, it was funny to see it on here. :)

Cute wedding dancing and rough soccer game!

Liz Johnson said...

That Taylor Swift video is CRACKING ME UP, and I've never even seen Twilight. HAHAHAHA hilarious!!!! Seriously, what is up with that milk scene?!!

Bridget said...

Susanne, what I love about the news anchor (I'm impressed you know who he is) is that his brain totally betrays him. It tricks him into reading "Lebanon" as "lesbian," and then tells him about the mistake so immediately that he doesn't even continue one more word. So funny.

Liz, even if you've just seen the trailer for Twilight, it makes it funnier. Seek it out.

justin and jess said...

I have actually been watching all those videos lately except the first one which almost made me pee my pants. Why does it appear that they are all wearing dresses? Don't get me wrong, it's way better that way, but it is odd. My favorite is the grandma falling in the fountain at the end. And I too love the ghosting videos.
Have you seen the news anchor clip where they are talking about the man who climbed Mt. Everest who was blind, but instead of saying he was blind they say he was something else? (I won't ruin it) That one is classic!!!
And another one, have you seen the SNL digital short when Megan Fox was hosting and she is on a date with the most awkward man ever and he is talking about how he raises lambs? It is so weird and creepy but it makes me laugh so hard!
This is a long comment.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

My favorite is the one where the gal goes down the slide in all her glory, then smashes the toddler at the bottom (although I felt bad about that part); second is where the gal is on the trapeze thing over the creek and she splats into the water.

Craig said...

I laughed when the lady fell head first into the pond.

I loved the Al-Jazeera (Peppermint Gomez) spoof that you posted on your blog two years ago. Here is a new link.

Bridget said...

Peppermint Gomez is one of my all-time favorite videos, EVER. I laugh every time I watch it. EVERY TIME.

The lady falling into the fountain (I love how she goes all the way in) and the lady falling into the creek are my favorites, too.

Jess, I just watched the Mt. Everest video. Oh funny.

Kristen said...

That poor poor little boy at the bottom of the slide! Seriously, he could have been gravely injured or killed. But that clip and the zipline and the lady going all the way into the fountain were the best.

So did you know that wedding video became a huge internet sensation? I knew OF it, but had not actually seen it previously. I did catch the spoof on The Office and knew to what it was referring however.

The Twilight spoof was so awesome. I love how every line is delivered in the exact same tone, and how Taylor Swift (who I never would have recognized, but at least I know she's a girl) :) kept biting her lip.

I don't watch much YouTube without a purpose, but I still LOVE that video you've posted before with the realtor showing the EVIL house. Oh my gosh I'm laughing just thinking about it.


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