Friday, December 04, 2009

Flashback Friday: A fat, fat lip

I can't remember exactly when it was - the summer of 2003, maybe? We were living in American Fork while Jeremy worked on his master's degree and I worked at a couple of jobs. Somehow he ended up playing on an intramural flag football team at the BYU. I know they make it flag football so it's not as brutal or dangerous as regular football, but it was still plenty risky to play. A little while before Jeremy's incident, a BYU student died on the intramural field after falling and landing on his head and breaking his neck (if I remember correctly, and I can't find any archived news stories to back me up).

At this particular early-evening game, during the course of regular play, Jeremy's face came into sudden, forced contact with the head of a large Pacific Islander. Jeremy's mouth took the brunt of the impact and his front teeth went all the way through his upper lip. At first he thought he was fine, but when blood started gushing from his mouth, we all realized that he wasn't. He took off his shirt to staunch the bleeding and pretty much soaked it.

I was at the game, so I was able to drive him to Urgent Care. We spent about 30 minutes in the waiting room before being shown back to see a doctor, only to be told that "uuuuuhh, that is way too serious for us to take care of here." Thanks. They did us the favor of calling the local ER to tell them Jeremy would be coming in, and they said that they weren't busy at all and there shouldn't even be a wait once we arrived.

So we headed over to the ER...and passed the wreckage of a fairly major car accident on the way, complete with ambulances, with sirens blaring, that beat us to the hospital. We ended up waiting for a pretty long time for Jeremy to be seen.

They stitched him up pretty well and clarified that Urgent Care could have done the same thing, but the doctors at the hospital were better qualified to do a cleaner, more cosmetic job of it. Jeremy left the ER with a lot of high-dose ibuprofen and a very fat upper lip.

The point of this story is that for some reason, we decided to take some pictures of Jeremy exaggerating his fat lip. I mean, it was fat, but it was not as fat as this:

or this:

All in good fun. To this day, Jeremy has a small scar on his upper lip. We figured out later that he would have bashed in his front teeth for sure if he hadn't had a permanent retainer wired in there. And he doesn't play any sports these days without wearing a mouth guard. Because you never know when a Pacific Islander's skull is going to shove its way into your upper lip.


Jeremy Palmer said...

Um, you didn't clear these pictures with me. I don't like the last one so much. Too many adolescenty pimples...

Nancy said...

Hey, it's okay Jeremy. We're still dealing with adolesenty pimples in our our bodies somehow didn't get the memo that we're all growed up now. Sheesh.

And...not to show you up...but...

I had a friend who was sliding down the railing in the Tanner Building, biffed it, and landed on his face.


His graduation pictures feature a swanky black eye, swollen nose, and several stitches.

So classic.

So it could have been worse, Jeremy, it could have been worse.

Bridget said...

Jeremy, I think it's funny that you're making a huge awkward face with your fat lip and the thing you are concerned about is...pimples.

Nancy, ouch.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Dad dislocated his shoulder playing BYU flag football & Blair cut his knee open bad doing the same.

I would avoid urgent care like the plague. They either let you sit there forever, then decide you have to go to the ER, or in one case, they decided they could take care of a family member's injuries and ended up leaving gravel inside them and not stitching, and that person carries a messy 4 square inches of skin even today.

Merkley Jiating said...

Jeremy looks so young! Good point, Bridget. I think Jeremy is just young because he chose to make an awkward face but did not choose the acne. I didn't notice any skin blemishes though because I was too busy laughing at his face. Oh yeah, and that lip looks gross!

JackJen said...

I will also add that I met Jeremy for the first time when he had that fat lip. =)

Jeremy Palmer said...

and that's my squished ear! The other ear is normal. My parents must have left me on my right side too long as a babe. This always caused problems when I got my haircut. Fortunately, Bridget has been cutting my hair for 8+ years now so she knows about my aural imbalances. She no longer has to play it by ear, as it were.

Craig said...

Jeremy, I never would have noticed the blemishes and ear if you hadn't mentioned them. But then I had to go back and look.

We are our own worst critics.

Lisa Lou said...

This post is really great. I have a cold sore sprouting in about the same place as Jeremy's stiches and I just keep thinking "it could be worse."
Some people would pay lots and lots of money for full lips, right? Right?


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