Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movies of note from 2009

This is not a list of everything I watched in 2009. These are just movies of note - films that were especially enjoyable, or old movies that I re-watched or watched for the first time in 2009, or perhaps they're just films I think you may not have heard of before that are worth checking out. (Here are links to the lists from 2007 and 2008.)

The Soldier and Death. I grew up watching this movie and it informed many aspects of my childhood. It is very weird - in some ways, I think Jim Henson is probably crazier than Tim Burton. But it is a great story, well told, and it has so many quotable quotes (and it appears to be available online in its entirety here).

American Teen (documentary). I can't recommend this one wholeheartedly because it has plenty of intense, unsavory moments. I include it in this list because I do think it's worth seeing, especially if you feel like being re-horrified at the terrors of high school.

Little Dorrit. I already gushed about this one. Since writing that, I've finished watching the miniseries and while it is not a perfect movie, it is very close. The ending was a bit rushed and Jeremy and I had to rewind it and re-watch a few scenes to understand some crucial details, but it was such an enjoyable movie. The soundtrack is gorgeous, too.

Collision. I watched this one at my parents' house, since they had it sitting on the DVR from Masterpiece Contemporary a few months ago. This is another one that was just a joy to watch. I savored every episode.

Lars and the Real Girl. We watched this one again last week and I still loved it.

State of Play was this year's Ironman for me - a movie I hadn't really heard of that I started watching against my will and ended up really liking. I did spend half the movie willing Russell Crowe to wash and/or trim his hair, though.

I saw four movies in the theater this year: Star Trek, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, 500 Days of Summer, and New Moon.

What did you watch in 2009?


Liz Johnson said...

I actually went to the theatre and saw "Sherlock Holmes" a few days ago. Brilliant. Loved it. Or perhaps my standards are ridiculously low because I haven't seen a movie in ages. Either way, I loved it.

Jeremy Palmer said...

I loved Dorrit, but the father started to bug after a while. I liked all the others as well, but I didn't see collision. The Soldier and Death is a classic. I think Tim Burton is exceptionally creative, though I have a more difficult time appreciating his creativity.

Katie said...

Nothing really stands out as I think about this last year, but I generally enjoy most movies I see. I really did love New Moon though.
I just saw "Lost in Austen" today and since I know your a fan of Jane Austen, you should see it. It was pretty clever.

Also, one of my all time favorite movies is called "American Dreamer" Most people haven't heard of it, but it's a family favorite. Just make sure that you watch it when you can pay attention without distractions. Most of the jokes aren't obvious and you'll miss them if your not paying attention. Acutally it gets funnier every time you see it, a lot like "O Brother, Where Art Though" which you should also see if you haven't, or see again if you have. It gets better everytime I watch it.

Katie said...

Oh, and I think Tim Burton is a genious so I'm excited to see The Soldier of Death.

Thanks for all your recommendations, I haven't seen any of them and look forward to. I always love new movies. (can you tell I'm a bit of a movie freak?)

Lark said...

I also loved Little Dorrit - one of my faves for this year as well.
I recently saw "Marley and Me" last week (even though it came out last year I think) and I was pleasantly surprised. I am not a dog person (and hanging out with the Orchard's huge dogs solidified that), so I didn't think I would like the film, but it was so much more about family and real life. It really hit home for me and I laughed and cried.
Beyond that, I can hardly remember what I saw at the beginning of the year. I did see Star Trek and New Moon in the theater as well. Both were fun on the big screen.

Craig said...

Soldier and Death is a delightful quirky classic, at least for our family. We saw its pre-debut on TV when we were contacted to be guinea pigs (or at least Blair was, as an early teen target audience) and watched (and recorded) it on a special cable channel.

Craig said...

Collision was exceptional, and I'm glad we chanced upon it and recorded it. So many intertwined plots with interesting twists and engaging interactions.

I thought you might add "Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen", and "North and South". "Bleak House" was also exceptional, but that may have been a rerun watching for me in 2009.

Bridget said...

You're right, The Virgin Queen should be on this list as well as John Adams, actually. North & South is a repeat for me - I think I blogged about it back in the day, somewhere.


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