Friday, January 22, 2010

Flashback Friday: Three coincidences

Today's flashback will walk you through three coincidences, all involving a CD or DVD of music or speech, now that I think about it. They're not as weird as my personal Twilight Zone flashbacks, but they'll do.

1. The first took place way back when I was in high school. Do they still do school pictures these days? When I was growing up, they did. A photographer came to the school and took headshots of everyone and a few weeks later, you got a crinkly envelope full of glossy pictures of yourself. Then you got to exchange pictures with other people.

Anyway, I had a few school pictures of friends arranged casually on the bulletin board in my room. One evening, my sister Teresa was in my room chatting with me. In the background, I had the soundtrack from The Last of the Mohicans playing quietly. Well, it was playing quietly until an apparently big moment in the movie. It happened right when Teresa asked me who one of the pictures was. I said his name, "oh, that's [Person McSoandso]" and right then, the music swelled and did an intense, drawn-out chord progression. It was so dramatic. And even though I am not really anything anymore beyond facebook friends with this person, every time I happen to come across his name, in my mind it's said in a serious, dramatic voice with a huge orchestra punctuation mark. Probably for my sister, too.

2. I wasn't in the room when this happened but I've heard the story so many times it seems like I was. My sister (or brother, depending on who tells the story) was watching this part of Evita:

At 0:52, Colonel Peron asks, "are you here on your own?" and Evita quietly answers, "yes, oh yes." Except when my sister was watching it, the answer was "yes, oh YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!" This perfectly timed outburst was courtesy of my other brother, who was watching some kind of sports event on TV in the next room and got really excited at the exact moment Evita was answering "yes."

3. This last one freaks me out if I think too much about it. I was driving to Syracuse one afternoon in October to pick up my brother and niece at the airport there. I used the time to catch up on some podcasts I'd been meaning to listen to, specifically an episode of America Abroad about NAFTA. At one point, the podcast played a clip of a news program from the early 1990s that had Dan Rather (or whoever) saying, "citizens here on the main street in Cortland, New York are concerned about the impact NAFTA may have on their businesses." Guess where I was driving at that exact moment in time? THE MAIN STREET IN CORTLAND, NEW YORK. I was so surprised I actually looked down at my car's CD player controls, as if they could give me any explanation. What an eerie feeling it was to happen to be in the specific part of a small town in upstate New York that was mentioned in an obscure clip of a 20-year-old news broadcast. Don't you agree?


Susanne said...

Whoa! That's so freaky and cool!

I've had similar things happen, but maybe not THAT awesome! :)

I'm referring to #3, of course!

Melody said...

The only one I can think of right off is my sister talking about how tired she was on Christmas Eve and all of a sudden we hear the words "Sleep, sleep, sleep" coming from the radio (The Tabernacle Choir Christmas song) and she said, "Ok!" and laid down and went to sleep. Not as exciting as yours but a little funny! Right?

Lisa Lou said...

Even though it's pretty freaky when things like this happen, I love it. The only thing cool that I can think of is one time (maybe in college?) my friend and I were getting in her car to drive to the store and and the exact same moment we broke out in song. The same song. The same key. Random!

Steven said...

The Evita one was hilarious. I think we were both watching it when that coincidence happened, because I'm pretty sure it didn't happen twice.

Liz Johnson said...

That is really weird... especially that last one. I would've got the goosebumps from that.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

This isn't a music-related coincidence but at my sister's last week she read me an obit of a person from our hometown, but neither of us knew anyone with that surname or had even heard the name before. It was an unusual Basque name. I guess her kids were older than we were. I looked on the internet for more info on the surname & I think we spent about 30 minutes discussing this family.

The next day I was driving down the freeway 50 miles away and saw a sign for a business run by someone w/ this same unusual last name.

Teresa Jane said...

Bridget, do you remember Aunt Alli's story about the wrong number she dialed? She ended up talking to the lady for half an hour. After hanging up, she drove by an open house and decided to check it out. The realtor hosting it was the lady she had just accidently talked to for 30 min! Anyhoo, I do remember that one individual's name... I always think of the dramatic music! Steven, I was watching it in the family room and Daniel was in the laundry room watching baseball. I think you were there. Bridget, that is SO creepy about Cortland. Seriously.


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