Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ignorance is bliss

Jeremy and Magdalena got home from Puerto Rico on Monday. It was only in the car on the way home from the airport that Jeremy told me that on their second night there, he woke up at 3am to go to the bathroom and came face to face with a would-be burglar.

There was a pane of (sliding door balcony) glass between their faces, but still. FREAKY. Jeremy reached out and hit the glass door with his hands and it scared the intruder away.

In the morning, they discovered that a few of his family's rental cars had been broken into. In fact, one of the cars had had a wrapped wedding present inside. The thief took the time to unwrap the gift before, as it turned out, not stealing it. It was a spice rack. He left it behind.

I was so glad Jeremy didn't tell me about all this at the time. I would have worried so much about him and Magdalena. Instead, they're fine, they're home, and I never had to lose sleep over a situation that was completely out of my power.

Have you ever been glad when someone didn't tell you something? I withheld from Jeremy the information that I was pregnant with Madgalena for a little over two weeks. He was right in the middle of his PhD comprehensive exams at the time, which was an extremely busy and stressful period for him. I figured I could keep the pregnancy news under wraps for a while until he had spare brain cells to deal with it. I'm sure he was grateful.


Liz Johnson said...

Um, that is TERRIFYING. Was Jeremy able to sleep the rest of the night? Holy crap.

I broke my arm the day after my parents left for South America (for 3 weeks). My grandma decided that we wouldn't tell my mom (only my dad) because my mom would just worry. We were right. She ended up being glad that we didn't tell her.

Crys said...

Ok I love that Jeremy just knocked on the glass and then went along on his way. I with held pregnancy info on Sadie for 30 days. I figured why tell Jason I was pregnant while he was in Jordan and couldn't do a dang thing to help. I only told him when three days before he was coming home he asked if I minded if he stayed another week or so. I said yes! Personally I like living in ignorance :)

Trina said...

Yeah. Something like that, I'd much rather find out after the fact. When everyone is safe and no matter how much worrying I did, nothing would have changed.
Glad they're safe!
No great ignorance stories here, but I'm sure my day will come.

Jeanerbee said...

Wow! Scary! I can't remember any fun stories of my own to share... as for pregnancy info I sprung #2 on poor Brad while he was getting dressed and I had that little positive test in my hand - "DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A POSITIVE SIGN TO YOU????" I came screaming out of the bathroom. Lol. I don't know if I'd ever be good at witholding something juicy =).

The Ensign's said...

Holy Crap! What a man Jeremy is!!!

Mikael said...

ok, I read that last part like you got prego when magdelena was 2 wks old... that would be a stresser indeed!! HAHA
I have witheld basically 5 years of my life of detailed info from my husband. I dont think he needs to know about my ghetto boyfriends, and me being out in the salsa clubs until 4 am (although that was REALLY fuN!!) HAHA

B-Rad said...

Yep...sounds like Puerto Rico hasn't changed much since I left back in 2002.


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