Friday, January 29, 2010

My exam dream just came true

Day one of the job seminar is over. It went great, except for one huge thing. Before I came out here, I thought, you know, I realize some little things might go wrong but if I can just NOT be late on the first day, that would be fantastic.

I was late on the first day. Really late.

But it wasn't my fault. I woke up on time, got out the door on time, headed out onto the roads on time, and then they looked like this (photos from the internets):

and this:

Some sort of freak blizzard had taken over the area's freeways. As I drove, increasingly stressed and distressed, GPS Nigel's ETA kept creeping later and later. When he finally proclaimed that I would be officially late, I called the place where the seminar was being held and told them I was delayed in terrible traffic and would they please tell the organizers that? The lady laughed and said she'd already had half a dozen calls from other seminar participants who were stuck in the same traffic jam. Phew!

That relieved some of the stress, but I was still in a hurry. I was in such a hurry, in fact, that as I made a sharp turn to pull into the parking garage, I forgot that the roads were (as you see above) extremely slick and I spun out a little bit. Thankfully, I didn't hit anything and I was able to quickly correct and get back on track.

So yes, I was late, and I almost slid off the road but other people were later than me and one of them got hit by a truck. And I think that makes me OK. Doesn't it?


Suzanne Bubnash said...

Not to wish anyone else bad luck, but it always a relief not to be the last one to arrive at an important gathering.

Spencer said...

In many cases, safe = OK. Everything else becomes secondary.

Liz Johnson said...

My theory on this - at least there were lots of you, and you weren't last. So yeah. I think you're fine.

Man, that looks terrible. I'm so sorry you got stuck in that!

Lisa Lou said...

ARGH! That's the worst thing that could happen to me! I get so nervous going to a new place, so if I end up being late I freak out. So glad everything ended up ok.

Jill said...

Oh I hate this weather!! I got to work completely soaked this morning.

Crys said...

See God is helping you get this job, by literally running down your competition :) Ok, I know that is rude of me. Don't you hate snow/ice. I think it is the Arizona part of me, but I will just never feel completely safe driving on roads like that. Meanwhile Mr Utah husband drives speeding, with one hand, eating...and he never spins out. Totally annoying!

Sarah Rose Evans said...

sounds incredibly stressful. I'll pray that the weather is kinder for the remaining three days!

Jennifer said...

Ahh! What a nightmare! I'm glad you made it. Being late is the worst!


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