Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Retrospecticus 2009

Here's the last wrap-up post for 2009 (see books and movies).

Miriam had surgery in January and got a black eye. As far as I know, no one called CPS on me. Jeremy achieved a big fat Reconnaissance FAIL when away from home for a job interview (though it was in East Lansing, not Ithaca, so it all turned out OK). Also in January, the music died.

February was the perfect month to review every single Austen-ish period movie ever made, don't you think? It was also a great month to make my year and have an awesome De-Lurk Day. Miriam decorated Bear Grylls with flower stickers and we announced our big plans to move to Ithaca, home of Cornell...ever heard of it?

In March, I visited Idaho with the girls and did a bunch of stuff BY MYSELF. I met Tom Zoellner and he was awesome. I got a MomChop and it was not awesome. Also not awesome: Magdalena waking up at night.

I ran a 7.4-mile sunset canyon race in April. Then I installed a thermostat and gave away a beloved Papa-san chair and some old clothes. I claimed to suffer from Reverse SAD. It turned out to be true, more or less. In a brilliant move of house-selling strategy, Jeremy (possibly) forgot to flush the toilet before a viewing.

In May, I mused upon what would be my "what's-her-name" name. In preparation for moving, there was a bunch of stuff I should have thrown away but couldn't for irrational reasons.

Jeremy became Dr. Palmer in June, despite the fact that I puked my guts out while he defended his dissertation. We moved to a freaky house in Provo for the summer. That was interesting. Also in June (and into July), I regaled you with the tale of When Bridget Met Jeremy.

Things were looking up in July. The big news was that we drove across the country to start a new life in Ithaca. But before we left Provo, I visited my old job and pondered the mysteries of a sublet.

I was working on getting used to Ithaca in August, and so was Nigel. We went to Canada. I also almost burned down our apartment. Then there was the small matter of me being painfully ill and uninsured the day after moving here.

In September, I got really excited and confused about the fact that Ithaca's school cut-off date is in December. And, news flash, I am an introvert.

I accidentally weaned Magdalena in October, and ran an awesome relay race. Sadly, I turned 28 in October.

In November, there was NaBloPoMo.

December brought with it a defense of Twilight, and plenty of stink-eye from fellow passengers on a cross-country airplane trip. All that travel made Magdalena constipated and...well, you know. I redeemed myself from MomChopdom and wrote a couple of posts about books and movies I loved in 2009.

Hooray for last year! Now let it be known that 2010 will be pronounced by all right-minded individuals as "twenty ten," not "two thousand and ten." I know it will take a little effort, but together, we can do it!


Shannan said...

You're such a good blogger!

Anyway, got another great Austen movie.

Called "Lost in Austen". Look it up on imdb. I just watched it and loved it and can't wait to recommend it - although true pride and prej fans will be upset by the twist on the original storyline.

Susanne said...

I enjoyed this. I remember nearly all these stories and can't believe they happened "so long ago" as I read what happened in which month. Wow, time flies.

Thanks for sharing about your life. :)


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