Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video dump

Here's a bunch of videos I've been laughing at lately, presented in an NBCOlympics.com-style video dump. No rhyme or reason. Just videos I like.

1. Filling In, Due to MURDER. It might take a few viewings of this video to realize that the anchor must be reading from a poorly punctuated prompter. I originally saw this on the WWDTM blog.

2. Freaky Sheep People. Watch a little bit of the beginning to get a feel for this piece of political slander, then skip to 2:22 to have the PANTS SCARED OFF OF YOU. Which might be a good thing because you'll be wetting them due to laughter after the shock wears off. This is another WWDTM gem.

3. Maybe you've heard of them, but maybe you haven't: Improv Everywhere. I heard about them on a This American Life podcast recently (this episode, my favorite one ever) and their stories appeal to me because I loved doing stuff like this when I was a teenager - like taping an empty beverage cup to the top of my car and then driving around with friends to get well meaning strangers' reactions. There are tons of hilarious videos on their site so it was hard to pick just one, but here you go - one of IE's agents pretends to get lost at a Knicks game.

4. I have no comment on this one.

Anyone else have any good ones?


JosephJ said...

So obviously something led you to these, more than just "YouTube surfing," which is pretty neat. When you think of all the absurdities that have ever been produced, you realize that there is a ton of fodder for the internet.

Off the top of my head, some memorable clips, prompted by Ian's curiosity of late have been the result of searches for "Dog giving birth" and "chicken laying an egg." Then there are those that were sent as links, like the fellow who choreographed a "Mentos bomb" show to music. In our household, the YouTube staples are the videos of heavy machinery, like bulldozers, train snowplows, car crushers, and cranes with wrecking balls.

Jeremy Palmer said...

Good Evening, I'm Jeremy Palmer. Bridget is off tonight she was set on fire while celebrating the Olympics.

Katie said...

Haha! That last one is like some strange mix between Springtime for Hitler and the worst music video ever (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPnGPIMUnus). And, seriously, that sheep one was just plain bizarre. If I have nightmares tonight of freaky red eye sheep it will be your fault. Also, if you haven't seen this ASL "Party in the USA" song yet you have it. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmKnQjBf8wM). Enjoy!

Katie said...

...and by "you have it" I probably meant "you have to."

AmandaStretch said...

I just happened upon Plushenko's exhibition piece from 2006, and I couldn't stop watching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1T61vX4wm4

And this one has been around for awhile, but it's pretty great too.

Lisa Lou said...

I stayed home sick from work today and watched these over and over. So so great. I love Improv Everywhere. And, were they singing in German in the Moscow piece? It reminded me of a few Eurovision beauties.

Bridget said...

Joe, I've seen that Mentos one, too.

Katie, LOVE the worst music video ever. But have you seen this remake by some BYU kids? It could have been better, but I think they did a good job. Also, I would have included Party in the USA in this post but I only recently became un-addicted from watching so I didn't want to fall off the wagon.

AmandaStretch, I was reaallly hoping your link wasn't going to be that Plushenko video. Liz pointed that out to me somewhere in the comments of my post about figure skating.

Lisa Lou, yes, those are our German friends! The guy with the fuzzy hair and mustache on the left reminds me of the gatekeeper in the Wizard of Oz for some reason.

AmandaStretch said...

Heh. Sorry about that.

Amber said...

Two things:

1. That Plushenko video is highly disturbing. I pretty much lost it when he climbed into the stands.

2. I had never seen the Party in the USA ASL video before - why is it so addicting? It's just a guy signing, but it is highly entertaining.

That is all I have to add.


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