Monday, February 08, 2010

Your questions, answered

OK, so these aren't real questions I've been asked. They're just Google search terms that led to this blog within the past month or so, according to Google Analytics.

dead animal in dryer. Yes, there was.
had to dig poop out with fingers. Yes, I did.
i saw dennis quaid. No, I didn't. (I typed in a search for this and scrolled through pages of results and never found my blog. So what's the deal here?)
is acrosst a word? No, it isn't.
martinelli's sparkling cider sherbert 7up punch. Maybe this is how this recipe is perpetuated. Though you have to admit that Martinelli's would probably take it up a notch.
middlebury birthing center. Please give birth there if you have the opportunity.
travel shower head was over the toilet. Yes, it was.
my advenutre sin ithica. So close. So very, very close.

What are people searching for on your blog lately?

And does anybody have some real questions for me?


Amanda said...

I've done that too: tried to replicate Google searches with no success. Some of the odder searches this month are: "nerf shotgun zu kaufen in innsbruck;" "pronounce obganiate" (is that a word?); "talking in class, word vomit, juvenile fiction;" and "shopping in spain."

Susanne said...

Cute! I like these kinds of posts. :)

Mikael said...

I am still trying to figure out how to use Google Analytics!!! HELP! Where do I paste that dang code?? Funny though.


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