Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All the kid gear I never knew we needed

Part of the culture shock of moving from Tucson to Ithaca has been experiencing these things called "seasons." It was one of the things I most looked forward to, and so far I really haven't been disappointed.

But along with these seasons come heaps and heaps of necessary outdoor gear. When I think back to our time in Tucson, the only "gear" I remember purchasing was swimsuits. And maybe some sunhats. Miriam never even owned a winter coat for the four years we lived there, except for the year we went to Idaho Falls for Christmas and I got her one at Ross. She wore it a couple times in IF and that was it. After that, it hung in the closet, untouched, along with mine and Jeremy's winter coats.

Here in Ithaca, for the girls, we have had to acquire rain boots, medium-weight jackets, heavy winter coats, snow pants, snow boots, scarves, mittens, snow gloves, hats, and now rain pants. Did you know there is such a thing as rain pants? That's what your kids wear to play outside when it is slightly slushy snowy/muddy but not cold enough for a warm snowsuit. I learned this from the other parents at preschool pickup today when I was the only one collecting a child whose jeans were soaked in mud.

Tucson may have been dang hot but as far as kid gear goes, it was also dang cheap, now that I think about it.


Trina said...

Never heard of rain pants, have not seen them before either. But I am a strong believer in brown pants. That's what my girls wore outside this morning and that's what they'll put back on after naps to go outside. We'll also probably put on the same brown pants tomorrow to go out and play.Yeah, they're muddy, but they don't look so bad since they're brown anyways!

And by the way, it no longer is predicting snow for next week. The days that had snow predicted are now only predicting rain and warmer temperatures than were predicted earlier this week. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Because, yes, I put all the full blown snow gear up in the attic last weekend, with the hopes of not seeing it again until next winter.

Kathy Haynie said...

Thank goodness for Craigslist, hand-me-downs, and thrift stores!

Liz Johnson said...

Yes... this is why I love "Once Upon a Child." It also means that our closets seem to be stuffed to the gills all winter long because of protruding down-filled clothing. I'm putting ours away this weekend and hoping to never unpack it again... for at least 7 months.

Bridget said...

Ithaca has a place called Mama Goose and we got most of the girls' stuff there. Yes, thank goodness.

karina said...

If you happen to have a baby while in a cold climate you need to get a JJ Cole Bundle Me for the carseat and stroller. Amazing. Makes it possible to take a baby outside without worrying about them freezing to death. That's what I learned this winter.

Eevi said...

I had rain pants when I was little. Every place has its pros and cons. Some places just have more pros than cons and vice versa:)

JackJen said...

I've actually never heard of rain pants, either. Wellies, though, are a must. We have them in every size. =)


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