Thursday, April 08, 2010

My favorite LOST moments

A few years ago, I shared with you the creepiest LOST moments, at least as far as I had viewed the series. Here are a few of my favorite moments.

1. The entire episode "Through the Looking Glass," AKA the Season 3 finale. I had a whole bunch of individual best moments and then I realized they all belonged to this episode. I thought every moment of it was brilliant. I didn't really like Charlie before that episode, but they made me love him by the time he SPOILER ALERT died. I may have actually cheered out loud when it turned out that Sayid and Jin hadn't died. And even though almost three years have passed, I'm still getting over the extreme paradigm shift from flashbacks to flash-forwards. Again, brilliant.

2. Because I'm a sucker for trips down memory lane (in case you haven't noticed), I appreciated the scenes where LOST characters visit places that were important to them in the past. Like when Kate sees herself delivering Claire's baby (Season 5, I think), or even when Sawyer found himself back at the cages just a few episodes ago. There's something about this show's ability to examine the self and provide a measure of progress or regression that I find very moving. Returning to those locations where early, key events took place also reminds me of the greater intrigue and novelty of those first few seasons.

3. Even though it was not as straightforward as it could have been, the return of the Oceanic Six, at least, to their homes and families was definitely one of my favorite moments. All the joy of the reunion was mitigated by the weird and frightening turn of events that brought them home, but it was still a precious scene and very well done.

4. I loved loved loved "Ab Aeterno," and not just because I could have showed the whole episode in Sunday School as an excellent good vs. evil morality play, with possible specific applications to The Fall. I was blown away by Richard Alpert's one-man show performance (or whatever his real name is - he IS Richard Alpert to me now). And of course it was nice to have, you know, some questions actually answered for once. As a side note - for a nerdy linguist like me, it is so refreshing that LOST is not afraid to utilize its actors' natural foreign language abilities to take the show up a notch.

I know I'm not the only one who still watches this show. What are some of your favorite LOST moments?


Liz Johnson said...

I am actually watching most of this season (gasp!) and I, too, thought the Richard episode was awesome. Also, I love Jacob v. Man in Black and all the Christ/Satan parallels that can be drawn.

Layla said...

I am a huge sucker for Lost. I can't wait each week for it to come on so I can analysis it the next day with everyone that I know.

Last night's episode was really confusing to me. Was Desmond really on the plane or was that a result of the magnetic test that they put him through?

There is still so much more to be answered and I'm hoping that they can wrap it up before it ends.

justin and jess said...

Oh man how we love this show! I can't believe there are only 5 episodes left when I feel like there is so much to be answered.
Clearly people in the "sideways" world have brief flashes of remembrance of the island and I find that very intriguing.
I personally really loved this last episode. I loved the montage of Desmond seeing his life with Penny, and I loved the look on his face when he met her for the "first" time.
I agree with you that "Through the Looking Glass" is a great episode. Charlie was so hit and miss for me, sometimes I loved him and other times he drove me nuts. But, I was seriously brought to tears when he died and thought it was all done beautifully.
All in all I can't believe all the ways they tie people together, and all the little details that tie people to the island and all the hints of past, present, and future happenings that exist throughout the entire season. It is so well done.

robin said...

excellent, excellent, excellent.

we discussed this at great length today, so i don't have a lot more to say... but man, i love lost.

remember back in the day when the mere mention of "the others" spent shivers down your spine? and they'd show their feet as they walked thru the jungle while the survivors were hiding? remember?

ah, to be just starting the series again...

Katie said...

I agree about the whole "Through the Looking Glass" episode!

Right now the only other favorite moment I can think of is when Kate asks Jack "why?" (I can't remember about what) and Jack says "because I love you" Oh, wait, that is in "Through the Looking Glass" Ha ha ha!

Jeremy Palmer said...

Great post. I also loved Ab Aeterno. My favorite seasons are 1 and 2 because things were rough and tumble. Life and survival were more primitive then.

Craig said...

I purposely didn't watch Lost until the final season because I just couldn't deal with the constant hanging suspense with no resolution episode after episode. Now I am enjoying it a lot, even if I don't have the full context and background for all the characters and events.

Andrea said...

I'm definitely still watching. Seasons 1 and 2 are probably my favorite as well. I really enjoy the Penny-Desmond relationship and, in particular, the episode "The Constant."

Shannan said...

Big LOST fan here.
I've never had a problem with all the shifting story lines and dangling plot lines.

But here is my HUGE BIG HUGE question that never ever was addressed and I think never will. Remember back to the first or second season when Hugo was in the mental hospital and then we see that LIBBY was one of the mental patients there - right? I was dying to see how that would come around, but it never did!

I DID NOT like the whole Sawyer and Kate in the cages season - what a waste.

But I am thoroughly enjoying this season where they are showing simultaneously what is happening NOW to the characters and what would have happened if Oceanic 816 never crashed.

I love Jacob vs. Man in Black (anyone want to place bets on whether or not man in black gets off the island and thus describes the end of days in the world?)

Now that I think about it - there is so much I enjoy about this series that I'll just end my "comment" now. But did not like the cages season - dumb.

Camille said...

Hey Bridget, I did move my blog but I'm not in hiding. I just changed the URL to take our last name off. Feel free to update your link. Lost is one of the few shows Birch and I watch together. A little action, a little love, too much good drama. Right now I'm cheering for Sawyer to find a good woman. Kate and Jack are so wishy-washy, they deserve each other.

Bridget said...

I know a lot of people didn't like the cages season. It seemed ok to me. Then again, I got to watch each episode right after another so time passed quickly.

Camille, amen on Jack and Kate. I was a Kate/Sawyer shipper for a while until Juliet ruined everything.


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