Friday, May 07, 2010

Flashback Friday: T-shirts of my past

Let's take a walk down memory lane via some important t-shirts of my past. Can you tell I've been on an organizing streak lately? Here are some shirts that are on their way to Salvation Army.

Final Cut, 2000. Jeremy and I went to Final Cut (the BYU's student film festival) for our first formal outing together back in 2000. I never wore the shirt. It was too big and too black. But it reminded me of, you know, our first formal outing. So I kept it. Until now. At least I'll have this picture to remember it by.

Metro League Track & Field Championships, 1997. This used to be one of my most favorite t-shirts ever. Somewhere along the way (probably long before I realized it) it stopped fitting well and started to be very stretched-out and unflattering. I do admire its understated, minimalist design, though. Most of the cross-country or track championship t-shirts I collected were garishly ugly. Not this one. And I will miss it.

Rex Lee Run, 2000. I had a few of these shirts from different years when I did the run back at the BYU, and I decided to get rid of all of them but one (the orange one).

William & Mary, circa 1998. The College of William & Mary was one of my options for undergrad back in the day. I think it's time to accept that I chose to go to the BYU instead.

BYU Physical Education. Speaking of which, here is this fantastic shirt that my brother bought (or salvaged for free?) for me in 1995ish. These were the old-style gym shirts at the BYU before they got classy and changed their official shade of blue to navy (I think they've since changed it again to royal). In the end, I didn't have the guts to get rid of this one so back in the drawer it went.

In case anyone is keeping track, my teal Oak Hills Honor Choir shirt didn't make the cut this year. I don't mind so much since I know it will make a Salvation Army white elephant gift seeker or t-shirt hunter very, very happy. But my Girl Scout Troop 106 t-shirt lives on!


Liz Johnson said...

I need to show this post to a certain male who lives at my house and sleeps in my bed. I swear we have an entire room devoted to "t-shirts obtained on my mission" that I would REALLY love to napalm.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I have one of those males in my house too Liz. The t-shirt drawer is so stuffed it's hard to open/ close and it's impossible to dig out and wear one that's anyplace but on top of the stack. The supply has spilled over onto a t-shirt shelf in the closet.

Crys said...

I loved this post last year. Jason has all these weird random t-shirts that definiately tell a weird story of his life if you add them all together. I've thought about tossing them but have always wondered what Salvation army would do with them....maybe ship them off to Africa or the Middle East. Don't you think it is funny when you are in some random corner of the world and you some kid running around with a Middleton High Prom of 2001 t-shirt :)

Andrea said...

Good for you for letting go. I had several T-shirts from high school and college that I wanted to keep but never wore. So, I made a quilt out of them. I did the same thing for Brad after we got married. I ran the Rex E. Lee 5K every year I was at BYU and had the T-shirts too. One of them made it into my quilt and the rest were trashed.

Lindsay said...

I still have my blue Rex Lee Run T. I had the orange one as well, but it has since disappeared ... My husband just barely made me get rid of an old Brick Oven t-shirt that had more holes than I could count. I was still sad to see it go.

Merkley Jiating said...

I love shirts with years on them. It makes me feel super ghetto when I go out.

I cannot believe you bit Miriam's head. Hilarious. I want to hear the rest of that story.

Teresa Jane said...

Bridget... maybe you should talk to me before giving t-shirts away. I might have wanted some of those! I am low on t-shirts these days! And they aren't something you just go and buy, you know.

Jen said...

Um, yeah, let's have the men-and-their-t-shirts conversation. Because it needs to be had.

I finally put my foot down and you know what? The man in my house made himself a t-shirt quilt.

That is not a joke. He really did it.

And my bureau drawers now close.


Jacob Madsen said...

t-shirts make a nice quilt.


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