Thursday, May 27, 2010

LOST series finale thoughts

Somehow I managed to avoid any LOST series finale spoilers until Jeremy and I watched it last night. Really, it wasn't that hard to avoid spoilers since most social media here in Syria is blocked. We had a last-minute scare that maybe iTunes wouldn't work here either, but apparently they operate on billing address, not location. Thank goodness.

So. Thoughts. The truth is, if someone asked me to explain key aspects of the show now that I've seen every episode of every season, I wouldn't be able to. I'm not sure what that says about me, or about LOST. I certainly enjoyed the ride, and it will be fun to re-watch episodes as well as read what other, smarter people have to say about the show. In a way, it's not really over yet because I haven't quite figured it all out. I have no idea what the heck was going on with Desmond this season. I don't really understand who died when and how that all evens out. Widmore kind of fell off the face of the map at the end there, too. I was so excited to see him revealed as Not A Bad Guy After All but it never really happened. Are we just supposed to assume it took place off-camera?

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's what I didn't like about the series finale.

After about the twentieth long-lost love reunion, it got to feeling a little bit too much like "This Is Your Life." I was genuinely moved by Sun and Jin's resolution and I thought it was so nice that out of all the romances that have popped up over the course of the show, LOST chose to give special treatment to what I consider to be the most enduring one. And then all those other romances got "special" treatment, too, which cheapened it. Seriously, Sayid and Shannon? They were together for like two episodes, about 735 episodes ago. Yawn.

But speaking of enduring romance like Sun/Jin, where was our Desmond/Penny payoff? Do they think we all got enough of that back at the end of Season 5? FYI, LOST, there can never be enough Desmond/Penny. Never.

I also felt like they completely ignored the Kate/Jack/Sawyer love triangle until this last episode. We could have used some build-up there for sure. That said, I'm glad Kate and Jack ended up together.

Now, here's what I loved. On the whole, all of the above are minor quibbles. I know some people thought the finale was too sappy, but I appreciated some of that sap. Specifically, I liked the plots where Jack was operating on Locke, and how Kate delivered Claire's baby, again.

I also absolutely LOVED the symmetry of the beginning of the series and the end of the series. Right down to the location of Jack's (mortal, in the end) wound. I thought that was a fantastic visual sequence.

Even more than that, though, I loved that LOST maintained its theme of redemption all the way to the end. I have always felt that redemption is one of the main ideas of the show and the finale proved me right. It did a good job of comparing the characters as they are now to how they were at the beginning of Season 1, and the contrast between the two is a joy to consider.

What are your thoughts, now that it's all over? Can anyone explain to me...well, anything?


Merkley Jiating said... Just a whole bunch of unanswered questions.

I came out of the finale satisfied because I didn't go into it with many questions. I guess I am more into the big picture than the tiny details. And the big picture was that everything worked out. The only thing that really bothers me is Sayid and Shannon. Where was Nadia? Who even cares about Shannon? She was whiny. I felt like they just wanted to match everyone up so it could be one big lovefest in the end.

Liz Johnson said...

I watched it. I had low expectations (given that I've only half-heartedly watched this season and last), but I thought it was good. Although I agree - Sayid & Shannon?! WTH?!

Chris wants to see a spin-off (or at least an SNL skit) with Hurley as the new Jacob and Ben as the new Man in Black. Thoughts?

Brittany Cornett said...

here is what I like: the whole idea of purgatory was the flash sideways. Really cool concept and I love that some people needed longer to work out their experiences. What I didnt like was that I wanted the big reveal to be more about the island. That was always the mystery to me, that is what the series finale should have been about. They never really explain all the egyptian stuff or how it all began that the light was on this island.

robin said...

i loved the finale.

but i am still thinking about it and trying to place everyone's deaths on some sort of timeline.

the sayid and shannon thing was sweet, i thought. i thought they were doing something with the fact that most of the "rememberings" involved a blond woman, but that was just me reading too much into things.

and so, did ben go to hell? because he was sorta evil. and he was just hanging around outside. and if that was the case, shouldn't kate have gone to hell too?

but i loved it.

Anonymous said...

Hello from a stranger,
My name is Charyll. I live in Las Vegas, NV. I found your blog while looking for comments about LOST by Mormons. I got your blog by way of google.
I don't know if you are LDS but perhaps with your background you are. I am and have been for 6 years.
A convert at 57 years old.
The reason that I looked for Mormon posts to LOST is because I found the finale scene so suggestive of my faith. If you would like to share your thoughts on that I would love to hear. I wondered if the writers are aware of the pre-life experience believed by LDS.
My e-mail is if you would like to respond.
I was very disappointed in the loose ends left by the finale. But did love the concept put forward.
I read a recap by someone claiming to be a Bad Robot employee and he put some very thoughtful insights about it. If interested you can find on Nikki Staffords blog Nik at Nite: An Explanation from Bad Robot?
I love your blog and I hope you don't mind that I have visited without being invited.
God bless you,

Anna said...

This is Chris, not Anna. I don't want to sign out and then back in again.
I had a dream yesterday that Juliet came back to the show and was kicking in dungeon doors to free Jack and Sayyid. They were running through a long corridor and we didn't know why Sayyid and Juliet were back from the dead.
I woke up so excited to see the finale and learn all about the island and Dharma and the mysterious powers of the light and the black smoke, but then i remembered that I had already seen the finale and I was so sad.
I have been waiting since season two (I think it was two) to find out about the "magical box that can produce anything you want" that Ben used to bring Locke's dad to the island.
I think the show lost a lot of its appeal when the focus turned to the characters' inner conflicts with leaving the island instead of the survival and intrigue of the island itself. Was there even a better episode than when Desmond woke up in the shelter and saw everyone? Or when the lights went crazy and the map of the island was illuminated on the blast door?
Whatever happened to that? The show changed from adventure mystery soap opera into a Hallmark TV movie. Did the producers really think we would like that everyone was actually dead? That was only one step up from the show being one long dream sequence.
I am crushed.


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