Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring comes to Ithaca

For about the last month, I've been taking not-quite-daily pictures of a specific view from a path where I go running. I remember wishing I had done this in the fall when the foliage color change (and eventually, foliage loss) was so dramatic. Here are the results of my pictures, in which Spring comes to Ithaca.

(In case you're curious, the first picture was taken on April 4 and the last picture on May 10.)


Susanne said...

How nice to see how things have changed! :)

B-Rad said...

You failed to mention that the high for today (May 12th) will be 45 degrees.

Jeremy Palmer said...

This is neat. Thanks!

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...


I still cant believe Dubai

The Johnsons said...

FUN! I love Jeremy's comment. AND, to me Bridget you will ALWAYS be in your prime!


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